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    1. the women mentioned in this song are not ‘queer’ and it is insulting to call them that without their consent. What is your problem with saying LESBIAN when that’s what you mean???

    2. Witchskull has got (Gods of Thunder) some NYC roots as well with bass player Tony M hailing from Queens New York. Tony is in the NYC Fourty Duce rock n roll hall of fame under the alius “GoFu@kyourself”..

      In all seriousness though, Tony is a brother from another mother and Witchskull rocks!!
      Can not wait to see you mugs on the Eastcoast of the US of A..


    3. Being short can be handy because you can fit into tiny spaces like airplane seats, but its such a drag not to be able to see or reach what’s at the back of the top shelf. I’d upgrade my legs with expandable/retractable springs so I can reach anything and still fit into small spaces when I want to.

    4. Precursor (or Necromancer as they were initially known) playing the Charnwood High cafeteria one lunch time and we’re forced to announce that the Slayer cover Black Magic was in fact an anti-Satanic song. Hilarity ensued with a spastic 20 second teenage mosh that quickly was broken up by the teachers. I can’t remember if Mitch did his incantation or not but the whole thing was hilarious

    5. What a great review of a fine example of Canberra’s independant and self funded bands! It was an absolute pleasure to work with the lads on this production and here at The Studio Jack and I are totally stoked with the results and the fact that folks can hear this band all over the Planet now. Go get em Clarity! You chaps are THE BEST. 🙂

    6. My brother’s band supported the Hard-Ons back in the 90s and loaned Blackie a guitar cab. With the exception of Ray, we found the band pretty rude. We were like “we love you guys!” and they were like “whatever…”