[Column] Capital Youngster June/July – Sputnik Is In Orbit, Plus HEAPSA Gigs ‘n’ News

Hey folks! Welcome back to Capital Youngster, your one stop shop for all information regarding the underage music scene in Canberra. We’ve had an incredible month of music and gigs and have another a-looming!

The first thing to mention is that this past month has brought us several new releases from some of Canberra’s homegrown talent, including Moaning Lisa, Slow Dial, Sputnik Sweetheart and Eloria. These tunes are definitely worth digging your teeth into and also serve as an indicator as to what a wonderful starting point our beautiful capital can be for musicians.

Sputnik Sweetheart are all across the calendar in the next month

On to gigs, Eloria launched their brilliant new EP at The Polish Club, joined by WeirdoGvng, cryler burden, Reubok and Sweethard with a special guest appearance from our favourite Groovy Daughter, a phenomenal local act who performed alongside some of the nations most loved at Groovin the Moo earlier this year. If you’re a young fan of funky electronic jams, this was a night curated for you.

Another tremendously exciting all ages gig was Helena Pop’s single launch, hosted by Mulgara. Helena Pop were joined at this intimate house show by Paint Store and Ghostgum – two local acts that you definitely want to keep in your sights. Helena Pop delivered the goods on their new single Punk’s Dead, and there was no lack of wonderful music for all ears of all ages!

Helena Pop rocked the literal house to launch their new single Punk’s Dead

Some very exciting news that I’ve been looking forward to sharing is that our little, beloved, and mostly all ages venue The Front is back from the dead, alive and kicking! I had the absolute pleasure of revisiting the venue to see Azim Zain and his Lovely Bones, Elk Locker, Lost Coast and Sal Viejo and am so happy to report that the venue is as wonderful as ever! (Plus, the aforementioned bands played some of the juiciest sets I’ve ever witnessed). I would highly recommend keeping your eyes on The Front if you’re craving some fun all ages live music.

Now, upcoming gigs!!!!!!!! Hurrah!!!!!!!

If you did miss the last gig at The Front, don’t fret! Coming up on the 13th of June and hosted by CBR DIG is the Winter Warmer, featuring acoustic sets from The Tipsy Scholars, Sputnik Sweetheart, Slow Dial and Heather Dunks. So if you’re in the mood for some hot grub and sweet tunes (and with this horrible Canberra weather, how could you not be?) trot down to Lyneham for a 7 o’clock start and prepare to be nourished!

For something different, on Sunday the 16th of June at the Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre, Michael Dooley’s Piano Concerto No. 1 will be unveiled, played for the very first time by Andrew Rumsey. Andrew will be accompanied by the National Capital Orchestra and the concert is a great opportunity to experience both the inaugural performance of a masterpiece and also witness one of Australia’s finest concert pianists.

On the 22nd of June, Sputnik Sweetheart will be celebrating the release of their newly released single Home Again at the Polish Club and will be joined by Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers, Neko Pink and Charlotte & The Harlots. These are four of Canberra’s most talented bands and to be able to see them all in one place is a dream come true! The night kicks off at 8 o’clock and is a mere $15 on the door (or $10 if you pre-book).

On the 28th of June, Mach 81 have booked The Polish Club for a huge night! The tremendous lineup features Every Closet Door, Deputy Chief Wardens and Ladybug and the night kicks off at 8pm. Plus, the entry fee is a miniscule $5 for students and $10 for adults!

On the fifth of July, power-pop gems SPORTS BRA will be playing a house show in Watson as part of their national tour. The best part? It’s an all ages show! Because this gig is still a little while away, all we know at the moment is that they’ll be joined by Alien Abduction Fantasy and that the night kicks off at 7pm, but definitely keep your eyes open for more news!!

Music and magic, together at last.

Finally, on the sixth of July, The Magic Rob Universe will be hitting Smith’s Alternative alongside Jason Recliner. The Magic Rob Universe is a terrifyingly wonderful combination of music and magic and if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing them live it is definitely worth the $10. The event starts at 4pm; be there or be square!

That’s all for this month folks, thanks for tuning in and I hope y’all have a delicious gig-filled month!


Pip xoxox

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