BROOKE REUSS finds strength in her younger self

Brooke Reuss review by Vince Leigh

Melbourne born singer-songwriter Brooke Reuss has released I Will Be Here, the follow-up to her recent track Stand Up Reloaded. The new one is another contemporary country-pop crossover, co-written and produced by Lee Bradshaw.

I Will Be Here is taken from Brooke’s forthcoming debut EP, which will undoubtedly feature more of her autobiographical writing style. Add to this a collaboration with Australian Idol winner Damien Leith on the protest song, Sometimes.

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I Will Be There is a kind of note to self, transposed to song, relying on the typical characteristics of the genre. In this case, it’s adult contemporary country-pop. Reuss creates a musical experience that’s as accessible as it is straight-forward, yet consisting of some well-wrought fluid melodic phrases and satisfying moments.

Brooke Reuss ruminates

As Brooke says about her inspiration for the song:

“I wrote I Will Be Here to call out to my younger self. To the girl who was fierce and fearless, tried new things and didn’t over analyse. This song is to call on my younger self again so I can live life to the full. To not miss opportunities or connections which the grown-up me has been reluctant at times to make.

“I feel this song will connect with people in different ways and have their own connection with it. I hope it will help them through whatever tough times they are experiencing and lift their spirits. As it does for me.”

I Will Be Here successfully merges various colours and textures, including piano, acoustic and electric guitars, synths, live drums, and vocal layers, to evoke a classic-sounding track, making the most of a series of well-considered dynamics, harmonies and a rolling, buoyant rhythmic feel.

I Will Be Here is sure to connect and generate decent streaming numbers. With its heart on sleeve, avowals, and melodic sensibility, it reinforces Brooke’s steadily expanding profile.

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