PUNK & DISORDERLY – Delicious Gigs for Winter 23

The Word On Punk with Alice Worley

Oh boy is it cold right now! Y’all need to get warm at a gig ASAP, and luckily I have some juicy recommendations…

Burn the Capital

Are you ready for a Wollongong/CBR punk combo line-up? Well then head to the Burn The Capital show at The Basement on Saturday, 17 June!

We’ve got Radio Rejects (Dharawal), None For One(Dharawal), Parrots with Piercings (Ngunnawal), and Gunk (Ngunnawal) all in attendance. Two ‘gong bands, two CBR bands, cos life’s all about balance, y’know? With a name like Burn The Capital, this is sure to be a gig full of energy. Maybe the bands will have a brawl on stage over their town pride. Who’s to say? You’ll have to show up and find out…

Straight and Arrow

Straight Arrows (Gadigal) are heading our way to celebrate the launch of their new single, Walkin Thru My Mind.

If you wanna walk through my mind, this track transports me to a dim, smoke-filled living room, with lava lamps, worn-in couches, and the devil’s lettuce floating playfully around the room while the vinyl slowly scratches and spins in the corner. I get this same tangible fantasy in my head when I listen to something like Anemone by The Brian Jonestown Massacre; music that makes you feel like you’re growing up in the ‘60s. It sure is a fun stroll into nostalgia, even though this song is brand new. Ain’t psychedelic punk rock cool like that? Anyway, back to reality! Come check out Straight Arrows live at sideway on Saturday, 17 June!

Have y’all heard of Quivers? Well, they were described by Pitchfork as, “like the Go-Betweens but with Coachella conquering ambitions”. If that doesn’t grab your attention, I don’t know what will.

Quivers (Naarm) are a cathartic jangle pop band on the verge of finishing and releasing their third album, which should be out early 2024. Coming up with them from Melbourne will be the DIY bedroom post-punk pop sounds of Pretty In Pink, who boast sad girl party tracks complete with hooky guitars and hyperreal vocals. And on the local support front we’re being represented by our dream-pop post-punk darlings, dogworld.

Catch all these talented groups on Saturday, 24 June at sideway. Get your tix here!

It’s Party Time!

Can you believe, Burntout Bookings is turning 2 years old? Big congratulations to Founder/Manager Sarah O’Malley! In such a short time you’ve put on so many awesome shows and built up such a great reputation for Burntout, so kudos! The Canberra music crowd is certainly richer for having you.

Wanna come and celebrate Burntout’s birthday? Well, all you gotta do is come on over to Live at the Polo on Saturday, 8 July. You’ll be greeted by the likes of Suzi (Naarm), Box Dye (Ngunnawal), Bad Lunar (Ngunnawal), and Goon Gremlins (Awabakal) on the elevated stage. Will there be great music? Yes! Will there be lovely people? You betcha! Will there be pierogi? Of course there will. Get on it! Tix here

Frenzal Rhomb are back in town promoting their new album, The Cup of Pestilence! They’ll be telling you where drug dealers take their kids and how to make Gravox at The Basement on Friday, 21 July, and can you believe they’ll be joined by their legendary mates, The Meanies!? Such a killer combo, this is sure to be a night to write home about (or not, depends how tolerant your family is).

Cable Ties

If you read my article on the upcoming Henry Rollins tour [EDITOR NOTE: and you really should; it’s terrific – Bossman Sko], you’d have learned of a couple of Aussie punk bands he showed affection towards a few years back. Cable Ties was one of ’em.

And now you get the opportunity to check them out for yourself right here in the capital! They’ll be setting up their gear on The Shaking Hand stage on Friday, 11 August with Our Carlson(Naarm). Get ya tix here.

Cable Ties are a truly amazing band. The show they played at The Phoenix way back when with Moaning Lisa and Slagatha Christie was hands down one of the best gigs I’ve ever experienced, so I sincerely urge you to go see these guys while they’re in town. Absolutely S-tier.

And there we are for another month. Stay warm, and see you next!

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