BROOKE REUSS uses her voice to remind you of yours on STAND UP RELOADED

Brooke Reuss review by Vince Leigh

Singer-songwriter Brooke Reuss has just released Stand Up Reloaded. The release heralds a powerful country-pop track that’s sure to attract a tonne of streams and media attention.

Taken from Brooke’s forthcoming debut EP, which also includes a collaboration with Australian Idol winner Damien Leith, Stand Up Reloaded is about self-empowerment. This is accomplished via a rousing lyric, an alluring vocal performance, and a sound that mixes genres in a refreshing way.

If Stand Up Reloaded is any indication, the new EP will help establish the career of this emerging Melbourne artist. To whit, Brooke has said about her creative ambitions:

“The song is about connecting with as many people as possible. I hope my stories bring comfort, and helps people heal through tough times.”

Brooke Reuss uses her voice to remind you of yours

Brooke Reuss lays down a strong groove from the get-go. This is embellished by pop-rock and contemporary country elements, organic textures, and a guitar edged flavour. As such, the song builds into a rousing chorus with hooks amplified by clean production.

Co-written and produced by Lee Bradshaw for Bradshaw Music Productions, Stand Up Reloaded is reminiscent of the work of Sara Bareilles and Carrie Underwood. It is a finely honed musical style with sensitivity, depth, and universal appeal.

What is ultimately a timely and all-encompassing lyric began as a more pointedly singular subject. As Brooke explains:

“I initially wrote this song about the choices our government was making at the time, including penalty rate reductions for everyday workers. As time has passed, this song has grown, and relates to every injustice happening in the world. Everyone has a voice and should stand up for what they believe in. Because their voice matters.”

Brooke Reuss’ new country-pop single reflects on the changing social climate. A climate where the accessibility of music translates to an ability to move hearts and minds.

As such, Stand Up Reloaded is sure to connect with a broad audience, further enhancing Brooke’s profile.

For more on Brooke Reuss, visit her webpage.

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