Earthly Bodies / Laura Bergmann & Rinaldao Hartanto Opening Night

Earthly Bodies is an investigation of visceral and primal human aspects, exploring the alchemical relationship between body with its psyche and nature. As the polar opposite of the aloof and lofty observation of celestial bodies, Earthly Bodies looks inward, contemplating on the inner universe and the subconscious as the reflection of nature and landscape

Printmaking is one of the most ancient practices of human art, starting from prehistoric hand prints in caves. There are ritualistic and earthly aspects in printmaking, using repetition of physical and bodily activities to manipulate stones, metals, and pigments to create prints. Earthly Bodies is also a celebration of printmaking as bodily ritual.

Laura explores how particular vessels hold meaning beyond their function. She examines the body as a vessel for emotion, how we attribute meaning to certain parts, and how this shapes our relationship with our bodies. Laura’s work also looks at everyday vessels that take on significance through what they hold. We create rituals around these objects by transferring small bodies of liquid – water, coffee, wine – into our bodies as a fuel or state change.

Rinaldo explores amok as not only an inherent collective anger in human psyche, but also the colonial gaze on it. The word amok was adopted into English after Captain Cook’s encounter with the angry mob in Malay Archipelago. In some ways, the fear of amok is also the colonial fear against the inexplicable forces of the colony, the failure to comprehend. Furthermore, Rinaldo harnesses the imagery of volcanic bodies and mythical figures as the visual lexicon of amok, a dual force of destruction and creation.

Opens on the 10th of December 2019
Earthly Bodies runs until the 17th of January 2020

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Tue Dec 10
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Smith's Alternative

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