Harry Carman’s new Single Is A Buzz

BMA Single Review by Vince Leigh

Gig merchant Harry Carman’s latest release represents a significant turning point in his musical career, attracting the attention of Grammy nominated mix engineer Matt Weiss (André 3000, Nicky Minaj, Pitbull, Rick Ross), who worked with Harry to refine Buzz into its final form.

Add to this musical brew producer Josh Richens who, according to the humble Harry himself, “took a crappy ghost track I uploaded to triple j Unearthed and turned it into what it is today. Without him, (engineer) Matt would’ve never come by the song.”

And what exactly is Buzz today? A multilayered alt-rock-pop track that effortlessly transports you from an unsuspecting raw guitar intro to a rather lush and expansive sonic world.

Comprising four main components—a recurring musical hook with accompanying vocals, a verse, pre-chorus, and chorus—Buzz is unsuspectingly effective in creating a two-pronged assault, utilising the well-crafted production qualities as a foundation to create space, energy, and excitement.

We have the expansive air of the thematic motif set against the verses’ bold and direct nature. The specific EQ of the vocal in the verse matches the grand reach of both the chants and the layered vocal backings found in the chorus.

Augmenting these dynamic touches are surprise additions, such as the stripped-back second verse and the concluding chorus reiteration, which suddenly becomes undercut by a less organic approach, treated with a hybrid electrostyled

Harry’s vocal performance, studio treatments aside, is notable. It veers from delicately focused to so condensed with emotional zest that it packs a few mini punches when called upon to ring out the essence of the lyric.

The melodic choices here are enticing, leading us through a delightful pop ride that encompasses the sweetness of the pre-chorus to the resoundingly acute and vitalizing repetitive exaltation of the chorus hook: ‘I wanna know that I’m alive’.

It’s a persuasive song with a chiaroscuro backdrop— and it’s quite irresistible.

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