ARCHIE – Hook, Line and Sinker

BMA single review by Vince Leigh

The first new release for 2023 from Canberra’s ARCHIE is yet another genre-busting
treat, taking leave of the funk-tinctured disco celebration of Closure to explore new terrain.

Flexing their technical muscles to a distinguishable degree, the band’s new one has us veering from laidback acoustic guitar-led meditations to fast-paced soulful indie pop, with minor detours in between. It also packs a chorus whose refrain, despite its brevity, transforms into a willing hook.

No pun intended.

Prior to the new release, the band had been busy touring. Since their inception in late 2018, ARCHIE has attracted a growing fanbase, with sold-out headline shows and sharing the stage with the likes of Ball Park Music, Lime Cordiale, Thirsty Merc, Surf Trash, and recently scoring a coveted spot on the Yours & Owls Festival to boot.

ARCHIE’s previous releases contained a level of discernible refinement, whether by the band’s harnessing of varying influences and inspirations or by instilling a sense of abandon into the tracks without sacrificing a melodic focus.

This can also be said about Hook, Line and Sinker. Yes, we have all the dynamic fun on display as the band perpetually changes gear in a seemingly endless array of surprises—from the heart-thumping pace of the verses, the triple assault of the pre-chorus accents, and a return to the lulling we’re introduced to at the song’s start—but it’s reigned in by the lead vocal.

As he plays off the frantic approach of the group, Grant’s equally heated method conveys a conviction and warmth that’s doing what it ought to—leading the charge. We’re carried along the rippled surface of ARCHIE’s trip, eventually succumbing to the discomforting yet fertile revelation, the ‘you had me’, whose repetitions are seemingly infused with all the complexities of the track, respective fire of the performances. Top stuff.

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