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With Alice Worley

Hey friendos! Welcome to another winter edition of Punk & Disorderly. Like I keep saying, the warmest place to be is at a gig with your mates. So what’s on? Well, let’s get into it!

First off, massive congrats to Spouse for the release of their demo trio on Spotify! I’ve been yearning for the ability to listen to these guys in the car for yonks, so I’m stoked that it’s finally a reality.

And they’ve picked three varied tracks to showcase their range. Hey Katie is this early ‘90s Silverchair esque washed out grunge-rock; Bite Yr Elbow is upbeat, early-’80s California punk that’s short ‘n’ sharp with super fun group vocals; and then we descend with Let Me Down, a slow, sludgey chug-a-lugger that makes you the right amount of moody. Hats off, thumbs up, and a big well-done for Spouse. These are some amazing tracks, and for demos they sound so tasty. Spouse have been playing a whole bunch of shows lately and are definitely one of the bands to watch in the ACT. So keep an eye out!

In other gig news, we’ve got a pretty awesome double dip into ‘90s Aussie alternative legends coming up at The Basement!

First up, on Thursday, 20 July, we have Magic Dirt celebrating the 25th anniversary of their album Young And Full Of The Devil. Supported by Box Dye and Sonic Reducer, it’s gonna be an awesome night of punk and rock. If you haven’t seen Magic Dirt before, they are the real deal and know how to perform to a crowd.

Keep the motor running, cos the very next evening, it’s Frenzal Rhomb’s turn! Friday, 21 July sees the merry foursome crust up the Belco stage, along with co-legends The Meanies and locals Charlotte and The Harlots. They’ll be celebrating the release of new album The Cup of Pestilence, so come along to celebrate the old golds mixed in with the shiny new tracks! >>Tix here

More Punk, MORE!

Good to see more punk happening at The Shaking Hand. Following the 13 July multi-bill, on Saturday, 22 July we have the Folk Punk Night with legends A Commoner’s Revolt, G.A.G., and Big Gun. Something for everyone on the punk front so get to Shakes for a pizza and a good time! >> Tickets

Been seeing a lot of awesome punk events being showcased by sideway this year, especially with their recent Loading Zone event which saw the takeover of Verity Lane for a massive line-up of amazing punk acts including, to name a few, Clamm, Spouse, Sonic Reducer, and New Age Group.

And the gigs are still coming, with Human Noise, Sonic Deathray, and Kilroy on Thursday, 20 July, and CIV1C with Chimers and The Narcissists on the Friday, 4 August.

sideway is quickly becoming my first look in when I want to see some local and touring punk. It is an undeniable joy to see this volume of my genre walking onto their stage!

That’s all for this month; catch you next!

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