Jodi Martin – 21 & Restless @ Smith’s Alt on Sunday, 12 March, 3pm

Singer-songwriter doyen Jodi Martin speaks with Allan Sko

BMA Bossman Allan Sko has a throughly stimulating conversation with Boss Lady Jodi Martin, who is swinging into town to mark a very special occasion indeed…

Jodi Martin – The Mad Max of Touring

Singer-songwriter Jodi Martin is known by her loyal following as a road warrior – famous for years of touring Australia in her Toyota van, armed with just her songs and her guitars. Jodi’s track Diesel perfectly captures her passion and dedication to touring her music, and the adventures the touring life has sparked for her. 

And there have been some grand adventures along the way – like Jodi’s songwriting road trip from New Orleans to New York State with her hero Arlo Guthrie, which spawned Jodi’s stunning 2016 album Saltwater.

“This year marks 21 years since my first album [Water and Wood] was released by indie label Little Big Music,” Jodi enthuses, “alongside luminary Irish stablemates Mundy and Glen Hansard’s The Frames.”

Coming of Age

And to celebrate her 21st year of touring and recording music, Jodi is playing a very special show at one of her favourite Australian venues – Smith’s Alternative right here in Canberra on Sunday, 12 March at 3pm

“I’ll unveil some never-before-released songs from the vault,” she teases.

To further mark the occasion, Jodi is releasing a three-album set called The Never Settle Trilogy

“It includes a collection of the best songs I wrote between the age of 4 and 21,” she says. One such track, and an undoubted highlight, is the hilarious Tommy the Toyota. It’s an epic blues rap immortalising her Dad’s ute and its dramatic escapades.

“The funny thing is, it’s not just 21 years since Water and Wood started this ball rolling,’ Jodi reflects. “It was another 21 years before that when I wrote my first song that I can still remember!’

And will said song be unveiled at Smith’s, do tell? 

“Yes, absolutely. I was only 4, so it will be a slightly vulnerable moment. But it is funny,” Jodi laughs.

From then to now

Jodi’s early years of songwriting clearly paid off. By age 16, Kasey Chambers recorded her song Why for the Dead Ringer Band’s ARIA Award winning Homefires album. Understandably, this inspired a young J to keep on writing. 

Jodi’s 21st anniversary has also inspired her to start writing a book.

“It chronicles my adventures, including my journey to overcome depression through authentically processing my emotions. It was the very thing that drove me to write and share songs in the first place.”

And there is a reliable whisper that the first chapter may be unveiled at the show! This intimate concert at Smith’s Alternative – Sunday, 12 March – will attest to why Jodi has become the respected songwriter and storyteller that she is – both at home and beyond. 3pm – 6pm, $30 via venue

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