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‘Gonna party till I can’t no more’

Accompanying singer and performer Lihini Rose on her latest release, It’s My Life, is American-Jamaican singer and rapper Sean Kingston, best known for his track Beautiful Girl. The new single follows a series of tracks and a debut album, Out of Love (2021), for the emerging music artist. Lihini is also considered one of Australia’s most accomplished Afrobeats choreographers, with several of her dance videos viewed millions of times, giving her the opportunity to choreograph for other performers, including Wizkid, Juls, and A-star.

It’s My Life mines the oft-traversed territory of empowerment, youth-fuelled defiance, and unbridled liberation. As one of the lines informs, ‘Gonna party till I can’t no more / And I wanna live this moment like it’s my last’. This stance is supplemented by convivial pop hooks and a rhythmic groove and instrumentation that merges a Dr Luke sonic aesthetic with an amiable R&B crossover. We have a few timely drops, guitar textures, rap elements and adherence to a few technological touches. But the melodic inventions are effective, affirming the lyric and displaying reverence for a particular style of pop that is perhaps worth revisiting for its direct, playfully audacious nature.

More bangin’ singles on the way

When asked what’s next, Lihini says, ‘I plan to release several more bangin’ singles with Benjaminenrico for the next few releases. Tracks you can bop to that are a party vibe.’ It’s My Life certainly contains a celebratory air, which is undoubtedly part of its appeal. As Lihini says about what’s behind her music, ‘What I put into my music is raw and genuine, it’s myself. My purpose is always to make the listener feel an empowering emotion, that’s what they will remember in my music. My expression in music videos and performances having the background as a dancer is definitely something that I think makes me stand out.’

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