BMA Q&A – California hardcore punksters XIBALBA come to Canberra

XIBALBA Profile with Allan Sko

American hardcore punk band from Pomona, California – XIBALBA – are coming to blister eardrums at The Basement on Sunday, 21 August alongside Honest Crooks, Facecutter, Trenchknife, and Bloodmouth. High time to give our CA guests the BMA Q&A treatment…

XIBALBA group members:

Right now the touring line-up consists of Nate on vocals, Jason on drums, Scott on lead guitar, Alfredo on bass and myself, Martin, on 2nd guitar.


Where did the band name come from?

The word Xibalba roughly translates to “Place of Fear” as written in the Popol Vuh texts of the Mayan K’iche people.

How did XIBALBA form?

The usual way that bands used to form… just a group of homies with similar musical interests that wanted to do our part to keep underground music alive.

Describe your sound:

Sorta like Morbid Angel and Disembodied going to war.

Who/What are your influences, musical and/or otherwise? 

The Mayan peoples and their history. 

What are some memorable experiences you’ve had as a band?  

Being a group of sick ass friends that get to travel the world playing our music always makes for the best memories.

What is it that you love about the scene? Your genre’s scene?

The community aspect of the scene we’re a part of is one of the greatest things. Having no lines drawn between the people in the bands and the people coming to the shows is special. No one person is any better than the next.

Tell us about one of your proudest moments? 

Being able to tour all throughout Latin America.

What are your plans for the future? 

Play as many bad ass shows as possible!

What makes you laugh? 

Interview questions like, “What’s your favorite color?”

What pisses you off? 

Interview questions like, “What’s your favorite color?”

Anything else you’d like to add?

Come check us out at one of our BAD ASS Australian shows and drinks some VBs with us!

Where can people check you out?

Our Instagram has all necessary info: @XibalbaCA
Check out the bandcamp page!
Tickets for The Basement show on Sunday, 21 August can be purchased via Oztix.

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