THENEAR uses hooks and highs on debut ‘Find My Way’

THENEAR single review by Vince Leigh

Gold Coast–based adult-contemporary/alt-pop artist THENEAR has released her debut track, Find My Way, and it’s a forceful modern-day ballad.

THENEAR says of the song: “The track is a positive reminder for anyone who is going through tough times to know that they are not alone, and you can find your way”.

The track blends melodic sweetness and darkness, intermittent dynamic surges, and an intense energy. Above the kinetics of the soundtrack, THENEAR’S lyric reveals a contrasting presentation of states — from a deep sense of isolated abandonment to a desire to be released from the shackles of a debilitating condition, the “demons” that alter one’s flow.

Challenges and setbacks

This push-and-pull quality gives the narrative an enticing distinction, registering with our own sense of apprehension and need for deliverance. We have all the tell-tale imagery of a troubling condition, the ground shaking, walls caving in, empty rooms and dusty floors; but these simplistic descriptors all give way to a more incisive observation with the concluding line of the chorus: “Look around to find some peace… I’m met with the echoes”, giving us a sense of the unassailable difficulties facing the narrator.

As if to counter this realisation, the track builds into quite a show of THENEAR’S vocal skills, all reinforced by the menacing dramatics of the production.

The release of Find My Way follows a period of reflection from the artist, as she says about what’s behind the new release:

“I reflect on the journey that’s brought me here. It’s not been an easy one, with plenty of challenges, emotions, and setbacks”.

Find My Way is the first release from THENEAR’S forthcoming debut EP. From hooks to highs, Find My Way is a satisfying and pleasing debut worthy of attention.

You can hear Find My Way on Soundcloud, Spotify, Anghami, iHeart, Apple Music, TIDAL, Deezer, iTunes, and Napster.

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