Canberra’s ANIRBAN JEE posits a higher will

Anirban Jee single review by Vince Leigh.

Will Above My Wish is Anirban Jee’s new track, a followup to two recent releases, Move Out and Mayday. Anirban is no stranger to chart success: a previous release, Deep Down, featuring X-Factor artist Mary Ann Van Der Horst, attained the number-one position under the International Category at the 2017 Australian Songwriting Awards; and several of his tracks secured Top 10 placements in multiple categories at the awards.

The success of these tracks sits alongside other numerous awards and achievements Anirban has collected recently, including Winner of the International Category at the 38th Australian Songwriting Contest 2018, Winner of the Ballad Category at the 38th Australian Songwriting Contest 2018, Winner of Contemporary POP Category at the 35th Australian Songwriting Contest 2017, and many, many more.

A busy collaborator

The multi-faceted musician is also a busy collaborator, working with many sought-after music producers, such as Simon Cohen (, Guy Sebastian, Vera Blue, Thelma Plum); Adrian Hannan (Delta Goodrem, Gabriella Cilmi, Taxi Ride, The Androids); Sven Tydeman (Josh Pyke, Tina Cousins, Candice Alley); Tony Cvetkovski; David Gugliotta; and Daniel Diaz.

Will Above My Wish is a smooth contemporary urban R&B and pop blend, merging this fused musical palette with a reflective lyric. Anirban says of the new release:

Will Above My Wish is about realising that sometimes our dreams or wishes will remain unfulfilled despite our ardent efforts. But eventually through life’s humbling experiences, we realise that those desires wouldn’t have yielded the best outcome for us. This makes us ponder whether there is some Will above my Wish that paves the possibility for something much better.”

Will Above My Wish is measured, yet it has a series of subtle hooks — expectedly during the chorus’s two-part structure. It’s a genre hybrid: not quite pop and not quite R&B. Its central focus, though, is its theme, a reiteration of “The truth will out”.

The idea that, despite anything one does, the truth will surface eventually.

You can hear Will Above My Wish on YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes.

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