METALISE Apr-May 2022 – This is fine?!?

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OK so, like, Transit Bar is open and shows are going on. The Basement is smashing along. Gigs and tours are happening and despite infections in NSW hovering around 25K at the moment, thanks to vaccinations the hospital numbers are pretty good.

The weird thing is; I know way more people that got it right now, and yet the masks are only on folks on the tram and bus and a few considerate shoppers. I think we can actually claim that we are indeed living with it.

Metal + Veganism, together at last

So, the first show as a result of mates falling victim to the spicy cough was the oft delayed Bloodmouth album launch for 2021’s anti-carnist manifesto Unmanned.

Veganism never looked so inviting

Their lead propagandist, who’s identity I will keep secret as they seem to have a penchant for masked vegan actions, was ironically impacted by the rouge species jumping virus of a Pangolin in a wet market. Almost an exclamation point on their ethos and no doubt only amplifying their intent, they will be joined by Faceless and Blight Worms to aurally assault as many people that arrive at sideway on Thursday, 7 April until the capacity it reached. The show is free, and this weekend offers plenty for those that need to exchange the entry fee for petrol money.

Canberra Metal continues its might

Case in point, and another of above said network of currently infected or just recovered friends includes at least 3/4 of newly minted Canberra stoner metal super group Hydranaut, who recently launched their debut demo which you can listen to online or check out through the bands Facebook.

Hydranaut, amply demonstrating the look I usually get when I put a $2 coin down on the pool table

The band have a couple of shows in April, the first of which is an absolutely cracking free (petrol not included) show at The Basement on Friday, 8 April. With resolute cracking line-up featuring Pilots of Baalbek, Hekate and The Ending. The demo is a rollicking uptempo stoner riff fest that reminds me of Orange Goblin‘s late 90s/early 00’s work with a slightly more aggressive vocal approach. With that line-up and the price of free, there should be no need to provide further encouragement.

Their next show is less free, but delivers two nights of significantly impressive value. The Sunburn 3 lineup for the Friday and Saturday have been announced and at present are as follows:

Friday Night April 29: Pod People, Astrodeath, Atolah, Frozen Planet 69, The Balls, Planet of the 8s, Hydranaut, Futility, Mourners and Amommoth.

Saturday April 30: Dr Colossus, Nunchukka Superfly, Holy Serpent, Goat Shaman, Whitehorse, Lucifungus, Burn the Hostages, Hekate, Religious Observance, Yanomamo, Mountain Wizard Death Cult, Kitchen Witch, Golem, Ghostsmoker, Pistonfist, Creep Diets, Bog Monster, Smoke Witch, Droid and Punish.

One ticket, two nights, all the riffs.

JUST… another metal festival?

Well not all. There’s actually an almost passive aggressively named festival on, also at The Basement on Saturday, 23 April. Entitled Just Another Metal Festival is an interesting angle for the promoter of this event as after 2 lean years and a line-up this killer, I would pose an alternative name as Just Get Your Arse To This Metal Festival.

The Ascended
The Ascended play just another metal festival // What’s the name of the festival? // I just told you! etc etc

Featuring The Ascended, Purenvy, Trance State, AtrocitA, Besomora, Pestilent Doom and Auld, it’s a big night out for a mere 30 bucks. Tickets are on sale through the Basement website.

There’s a great 3 band bill if all of these big shows are too much over stimulation for your post Covid emergence. There’s a double launch night April 22 at the Basement with long time Canberra visitors RED BEE launching their Beautiful Wreck single playing with local 3-piece instrumentalists The Absentee celebrating the launch of their album Between Words. No strangers to The Basement, Clarity of Chaos round out the bill for a killer night.

RED BEE looking distinctly black

If too much is not enough however, there is also the heat in the Wacken Metal Battle also on at The Basement on Saturday, 9 April with the acts now announced to represent at the final in Melbourne later this year. Canberra bands AtrocitA, Eviscerate the Crown, Chain Tombstone & The Dead Men, Hostel, Lycanthrope, Wretch and Live Like Animals are all there so if one of them is your favourite, get along, support them, and rev them up.

New releases?!?

Kvll Death/Sacrifice

Lastly in a latest releases kicking my ass of late I’ve got an international, an emerging Aussie crusher and an ex-local solo record to check out. Friends of Hell with obvious Witchfinder General inspired name features ex members of Reverend Bizarre and Electric Wizard and deliver an eponymous traditional heavy metal record dripping in doom goodness and 80s nastier sensibilities. Melbourne band Kvll dropped an entirely modern Z tuned doom metal masterpiece in Death/Sacrifice that is positively as heavy as two tectonic plates rubbing together violently. Think Warhorse only much nastier. Aaron Osbourne, Mental Cavity, I Exist etc has done a Star Trek inspired solo EP called Collector under the moniker Aglo that should appeal to fans of his current and former works. Let me know what you think of these and what you’re listening to on the Metalise facebook page.

Friends of Hell
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