PUNK & DISORDERLY Apr/May: Burntout Hard-ARSE Frenzal WAAX-y Harlots

PUNK AND DISORDERLY with Alice Worley 

Hey y’all! What’s good? Well I’ll tell ya…

Pressing Punk Particulars

End of this month we’ve got the legendary Hard-Ons gracing us at The Basement, this Thursday, 31 March. Finally we get to see them show off their new frontman, the one and only Tim Rogers of You Am I!


Joining them will be local punk rock glam band Glitoris and local faves Charlotte and The Harlots! Should be absolutely nuts and I’m holding my digital tickets firmly in my mind.

The Meanies will at long last be arriving for the Canberra leg of their Desperate Measures tour on Sunday, 3 April at The Basement.

The Meanies
The Meanies are finally here; and don’t they look happy about it

For those that have been missing our local punk legends, Sketch Method, well now’s your chance to see ’em cos they’re on this bill, along with mates Charlotte and The Harlots (they do be getting some awesome support slots lately, and so well deserved). 

Punk my ARSE!

A little band called ARSE will be coming to Transit Bar, Thursday, 28 April, and I am so stoked for this show.

ARSE – nuff said

I’ve heard about these guys for a while now and finally got to see them when they played with Pist Idiots at ANU last month. Such great performers, totally devoted to the crowd, but I also feel like the band is some trippy anti-joke due to some of the peculiar shenanigans they pulled during their set. They really made the audience turn to one another during their set wrap up to say: “What the hell is happening right now?”

I can’t explain the experience, you just have to see them. They’ll be supported by Charlotte and The Harlots (!), Box Dye, HYMMNN and Second Idol (SYD). This line-up is so damn cool, I know it’s a huge Thursday night, but you’ll be kicking yourself for not going to this.

Big-time Punkness

So excited to say that WAAX are heading to Canberra on Saturday, 14 May! Been waiting so long to see these guys locally and, at last, the time has come.

There’s a melting WAAX gag to be had here

Supports yet to be announced, but it’s WAAX y’all. No matter who they’re playing with, I’m there!

Aussie punk gods, Frenzal Rhomb, have announced a Canberra show at The Basement on Friday, 29 July. Saw these guys at Scene and Heard Festival in Newcastle a couple of weeks ago and I’m keen to get back in their crowd.

Frenzal Rhomb
New tour, new awesome artwork

Also really excited to see them supported by Totally Unicorn! If you’ve never seen Totally Unicorn before, do yourself a favour and get onto this. They are absolutely wild. Just make sure you can hold your own when they inevitably jump into the mosh with you.

Rock out to Burntout

If you’re looking for some awesome local shows coming up and don’t know who to be keeping an eye on, then I have to say a big shoutout to Burntout Bookings. They have just come onto the local music scene like an unstoppable force, putting on show after show of amazing acts, both here and interstate.

Burntout Bookings

Director Sarah O’Malley is just pouring her heart and soul into this and it’s so inspiring to have someone so passionate about music at the helm. You’re doing almighty work and it’s not going unnoticed. Thank you for all your efforts to bring so many hard-working bands to people’s eyes and ears.

Special mention goes to the International Womxn’s Day panel that you put together at The Front a few weeks back. It was so empowering and invigorating to be present at. I cried several times and got some amazing words of advice and encouragement from some very kind and wise panelists.

Please follow Burntout Bookings on Instagram and Facebook!

Also just wanted to take a personal moment to say thanks to everyone that came to my band (Box Dye)’s single launch last week. We had the time of our lives playing to y’all alongside Slagatha Christie, st.sinner and Northbourne. There’s no other feeling like a crowd singing your songs back to you, and this is why I love local music.

You’re all so supportive and engaged and you carry us baby bands on your back with love and care. Thank you endlessly.

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