SAULÉ sizzles with raw, raw emotion on 3rd single

Saulé Until This Blows Over (sore) review by Vince Leigh

Canberra-based singer-songwriter Saulé has been practicing and honing her craft for years, refining a brand of soulful indie-pop with every release. Until This Blows Over (sore) is the third single from her debut EP. The London-born musician has been influenced by artists such as Chicago, Regina Spektor and Norah Jones, to name a few.

Saulé’s new offering relies heavily on a highly persuasive, resonating element—her voice. The production is quite bare, divested of layers and studio trickery that might usually expand a sound, whether for diversion or illusion.

Saulé’s emollient tonal qualities

Saulé - Until This Blows Over (sore)

Yet Until This Blows Over (sore) is filled with the residual effects of Saulé’s tender, emollient tonal qualities. The nuances and subtleties are light yet salient, revealing deeper, denser ulterior constituents.

For most of the track, Saulé’s vocal accompanies various piano textures. Electric and acoustic piano with a non-intrusive six-eight groove adds support and a little rhythmic weight by the time the first chorus arrives. There are the odd atmospheric additions also, significantly reverbed repetitions of some of Saulé’s lines that merely add to the residuals mentioned above. However, these merely morph into sonic dapples. An afterglow, if you will.

The song’s melodic sway is perhaps not up for scrutiny. It’s just not that kind of track. Yet these parts are well-defined, with the sustained notes of the chorus carrying its more soul slash pop-hook tendencies to a pleasing resolve.

Saulé’s simmering vulnerability

What we’re listening to here is an altered form of intimacy. There’s a vulnerability that, ironically enough, one might discover on many self-assured, accomplished records. This track invokes the kind of intimacy that feels as raw as if it weren’t intended for us. The lyric might be the kind of collection of expositions left on someone’s voicemail, late, late, late at night.

Who is that someone?

Yes. That’s the key to it. The key to its transferability, its transparency and, ultimately, its efficacy.

Until This Blows Over (sore) is bittersweet and tranquil, mood-inducing, and a mood all of itself.

You can hear Saulé on Amazon Music.

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