METAL returns! Festivals, gigs, and releases galore!

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Is it over?

Can we come out and thrash yet?

Of course we can! A flood of gigs are flowing forth, and with restrictions lifting piece by piece, the capacity for bangovers and hangovers increase by the day.

Now THERE’S a sight for sore eyes

The questions around vaccination seem to have been flowing around the metal scene more so than a lot of other genres. I know of several hesitant people, almost all interstate, who for principle or other reasons have chosen to not to get the jab. They are losing out on gigs as a result.

This is a tough time for the music industry, and for everyone, when making a choice about their bodies. But after a brush with the C19 as close as my neighbours and learning of their experience – the choice was clear for my family and I.

There’s very strong feelings out there. I hope that over time those hesitating for whatever reason can come to terms with an option that sees them protecting themselves, loved ones, and hitting stages for us all to enjoy. Stay safe people.

This weekend on Friday & Saturday, lockdown gig experts The Basement finally get to host Witchskull for two huge shows featuring locals Charlotte and the Harlots and B.C. on Friday (12 November) and Saturday (13 November). Saturday sold out not long after announcing, but there are still some tickets available on The Basement Oztix site. Knowing the boys, there will be the three albums of goodness we’ve all come to know and love, but no doubt the riff workshop has produced some new stuff too. Better get along to find out what’s what!

Metal Fungal Infection

Lucifungus can’t go more than a couple of months without producing more spores of riffs. November is no exception. With the release of their single The Sloth (lyric video on Youtube), they’re hitting The Basement on Saturday, 20 November. The guys have put together a killer line-up including Sydneysiders Astrodeath and Master Leonard. Add to this locals Mourners, who will ably help to celebrate the new riffage. Tickets on the Oztix website.

Immorium have been working hard to bring you their album launch for the aptly named This Too Shall Pass release. It looks like the team will finally be able to strut their stuff on Saturday, 4 December. Aided and abetted by Axiomatic Theory and Auld, the tickets are on sale now through Oztix.

Metal that is stylistically hard to describe


Melbourne thrash lords Desecrator have a new album out this year in the form of SUMMONING and are hitting the delayed road with fellow Mexican thrashers Harlot. The full Aussie tour includes both bands, and in Canberra we also get to enjoy a group self described as “…stylistically hard to describe”, The Ascended. Are you not intrigued? All will be revealed Friday, 7 January at The Basement.

Metal Festival Fever

Hard to miss and hard to get tickets for is the Canberra Metal Fest. Happily, it has has sold out its first release.

And it’s not hard to understand why, featuring the might of: Abramelin, Misery, Pod People, Holy Serpent, Wretch, Reaper, Ploughshare, Sumeru, Carnal Viscera, Lucifungus, Carcinoid, Burn The Hostages, Gape, Womb To Tomb, Laceration Mantra, 12 Gauge Rampage, Hekate, Immorium, Point 17, Dying Sun, Outcest, Terra Mortem, Goat Shaman, Hypergiant, Rooted, Arkanae, Celestial Oath and The Ending.

Not sure if there have been some scratchings over the shut down but I’m sure it’s all still going ahead. And I’m sure that there will be more tickets available as our high vaccine rates ensure that capacities will increase. Keep an eye out!

Friday, 29 April tickets to Sunburn 3 are still available for the alphabet of literal doom. Amammoth, Astrodeath, Atolah, BØG, Bog Monster, Burn the hostages, Butterfly, Creep Diets, Dr. Colossus, Droid, Frozen Planet 69, Futility, Ghostsmoker, Golem, Hekate, Holy Serpent, Kitchen Witch, Lucifungus, Master Leonard, Mountain Wizard Death Cult, Mourners, Nunchukka Superfly, Piston Fist, Planet of the 8s, Pod People, Religious Observance, Smoke Witch, The Balls, Whitehorse, Yanomamo will all hit The Basement over two nights with tickets available at Oztix.

Sunburn Festival

There are a bunch of international shows promised that we will also return. These include Nebula, Hirax, and DRI. Hopefully their dates will firm up as international travel solidifies.

There’s so much on. There’s allegedly some news afoot on a certain long awaited civic live music venue incoming. Not to mention a bunch more for us to be optimistic about.

Get keen Canberra!

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