TAMARA SHAMINI snubs snobbery via high-energy pop EDM

Tamara Shamini Exclusive review by Vince Leigh

Emerging Australian music artist Tamara Shamini has released Exclusive. It’s a contemporary pop-focused EDM track with a typically high-energy feel. You can add to that a lyric that explores an amusing but rather dark aspect of human behaviour—low tier snobbery and peer group pressure.

However, Exclusive does feature all the must-have elements of the genre: the machine groove, the swirling synths, the drops, the obligatory voice manipulation, and the bite-sized earworms. But full credit for attempting to tackle something deeper.

As Tamara explains:

Exclusive was written about a group of high-status people I know. They live in their own bubble with very little consideration for others. They think the world of themselves and take pride and comfort in their lifestyle. From drinking, to partying, to tripping and messing around.

“The group is so cliquey that to be a part of it, a person has to be and act like them—exclusive.”

Tamara Shamini – the ultimate slashie

Tamara is an internationally award-winning performer, singer-songwriter, influencer, and model. Her music has attracted worldwide radio airplay in Australia, Asia, Europe and North and South America.

The emerging singer-songwriter has also featured in numerous TV, radio, and press outlets in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, England, and Australia. With over 3 million views on YouTube, Tamara Shamini’s new track follows her previous releases, which comprise seven singles and two albums, including the 2020 release Sounds Underground.

As Tamara has said about her creative goals and ambitions:

“I hope to be able to continue reaching out and touching people’s lives in some way. Music is a great form of therapy, even for me during tough times. I want to be able to continue writing songs from the heart. Give people a warm and fuzzy feeling inside around the world.

“In addition, I really hope to gain much success to allow me the ability to sustain this.”

Exclusive’s compact structure and instant accessibility will undoubtedly attract decent commercial radio play and a good amount of streaming attention.

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