TIA once again proves she Belongs

TIA Belong review by Vince Leigh

Australian music artist TIA has just released another R&B pop flavoured track that’s sure to help her upward trajectory. The singer-songwriter has delivered another sure-fire smash. It’s packed with solid hooks, a bold and mature production, and a lyric that yet again exemplifies her self-awareness through the art of song.

triple j Unearthed has compared the fast-rising Australian star to pop icons Dua Lipa and Bishop Briggs. TIA’s latest track Belong undoubtedly proves them correct.

When asked about the song’s origins, TIA says:

“Belong is about the journey you go on when you outgrow the place that brought you comfort, and you’re looking for a new place to grow. It is about finding a place where you truly feel like you fit but still staying true to yourself. It’s about the rollercoaster that this journey of belonging is.”

TIA’s succession of substantial sections

The song features a succession of substantial sections, each part segueing into the other with added layers of background and effect vocals, meticulous instrumentation, and, of course, another praiseworthy vocal performance from TIA—soulful, expressive, and filled with moments of tangible yearning.

As well as being a highly persuasive performance, TIA reveals yet another approach to her work while maintaining a masterful pop sensibility and a level of well-communicated self-awareness.

As TIA has said about her songwriting:

“I want people to feel that what they are going through is normal. I want my music and lyrics to be an escape for people.”

From utilising her recent experience of touring with Tones and I, to releasing her own brand of recognizable modern pop, TIA continues to explore self-expression and unbounded awareness with Belong. It’s a coming-of-age crossover pop track. With a lyric that centres on self-doubt and a desire for human connection, Belong is a successful and subtle progression from TIA’s previous releases.

Yet it is a significant one, highlighting a more accomplished sound and style. 

You can hear TIA’s Belong on Spotify now.

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