ROBYN PAYNE + friends bring poetry to blues pop-rock

Robyn Payne + Casey Pilcher + Elise Beattie review by Vince Leigh

Having just enjoyed tremendous success with her track Jimmy, released earlier this year, Australian music artist Robyn Payne has followed that up with a rousing piece of blues pop-rock called Dripping Down My Heart. The new single also features a powerhouse performance from guest vocalist Elise Beattie, with lyrics once again written by collaborator Casey Pilcher.

Dripping Down My Heart exposes rich lyric imagery over layers of blazing guitars, dynamic vocals, and a catchy blues and funk combination groove. Featuring multi-varied and skilful performances, Dripping Down My Heart absorbs all the nuances of a classic genre and transposes it, giving it new life.

The song begins with the track’s governing guitar riff. It’s the kind that sticks in your head after one listen. And this memorable phrase interlocks with the verses and the chorus, serving as recurring interlude between these parts.

The first half of the track contains a repeated cycle of this combination of riff, verse and chorus until an entirely different and more melodic guitar part steers the track into a different zone. In this section, the groove is stripped back to evoke even more of a traditional bluesy air. Soon after, it segues into a blazing guitar solo.

Another cycle of verse and chorus follow, with the lead riff closing the track.

Robyn Payne and Casey Pilcher’s brand of poetic blues pop-rock

Robyn Payne + Casey Pilcher + Elise Beattie

The lyrics are considerably more poetic than your average blues pop-rock track. To whit:

In my soul is an open plain, dry and parched like an empty lakebed
Howling wind through the barren range, I’ll never let em hear it again

Such lyrics provide a lush counterpoint to the driving edginess of the music.

As an insight into the track’s origins, co-writer Casey Pilcher says:

“Songwriting began as a simple personal challenge. It then transformed to an outlet for life’s various emotions and stories, whilst entertaining some dreams of commercial interest.”

Dripping Down My Heart is accessible contemporary rock. It cleverly navigates its way down from history to reach a peak of notable and widespread appeal. Just as Jimmy attracted extensive coverage on ABC Local, Triple R and a host of other media outlets, Dripping Down My Heart is sure to receive the same attention.

You can listen to Dripping Down My Heart on YouTube Music.

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