A Piece of My Heart [En del av mitt hjärta] — Scandinavian Film Festival 2021

Teenager Isabella (Bengtsson Lovisa) is as crazy about the town hunk, Simon (Egon Ebbersten), as is every other teenage girl in town, including her close friend Molly (Náthalie Andersson).  Simon, interested in taking things further with her but lacking sophistication, enlists the help of his friend Edvin (Olof Åhman) to compose romantic text messages to her for him.  The messages impress Isabella, convincing her that there’s more to Simon than his good looks.

Years later, Isabella (Malin Åkerman) is now doing well for herself working for a successful company in Stockholm.  She isn’t interested in returning to her home town, but her dour father, Rune (Johan Ulveson), is approaching his 60th birthday, so she travels back to celebrate with him.  On the way, she reminisces, the messages from Simon all those years ago still resounding in her heart.  No sooner does she arrive back home, though, than she runs into her old friend Molly (Shima Niavarani), who is thrilled to announce her forthcoming wedding to Simon (Christian Hillborg) — a wedding to which Isabella hasn’t been invited.

Isabella, confused to find herself less than happy about the nuptials, nevertheless rejoins her former friends and tries to make the best of it.  But her old feelings refuse to be denied, and she unwisely gives them free rein.  She takes her old friend Edvin (Jonas Karlsson) into her confidence.  With secrets of his own, though, Edvin avoids being involved.  As one unwise move follows another, secrets gradually leak out, wreaking havoc in everyone’s lives.

Moving between the past and the present, and with unexpected, imaginative, engaging sequences of singing and dancing, this joyous story of unfulfilled love, unrequited love, lost love, and newfound love is tremendous fun and filled with humour.

Malin Åkerman as Isabella is captivating throughout, but she’s not outdone by any of the other actors, whose performances bring us believable, heartfelt characters, loveable and unloveable, to remember.

The movie’s dance routines, lively and imaginative, are executed to perfection, and the range of camera angles gives the entire production a visual freshness that matches the effervescent dancing and the very catchy soundtrack by famous Swedish musician Tomas Ledin.

For a light-hearted romantic romp, be sure not to miss A Piece of My Heart.

Screening at Palace cinemas.


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