A comedy with heart-stopping moments awaits with I HATE SUMMER [ODIO L’ESTATE] — St. ALi Italian Film Festival 2020

Review by Michele E. Hawkins

Aldo (Aldo Baglio), an essentially happy man who suffers from “a bad back”, takes his family, including his beloved dog Brian, to an exquisite property on the Italian coast for the holiday of a lifetime.

Giovanni (Giovanni Storti), an overworked and tense dentist, takes his family to the same destination, as does Giacomo (Giacomo Poretti), an essentially miserable man whose family business, long out of fashion, is heading for the wall.

What could possibly go wrong with their plans for a relaxing and restorative holiday? Well, just about everything. Not only is the trip to their location fraught, but nerves and tensions only escalate when all three very disparate families find they have rented the same property, and have no choice but to make the most of it until things get sorted out.

Engaging from the first scene to the last, I Hate Summer does everything a perfect comedy should do. We care about everyone, although not without passing judgement, and wonder how they will overcome their very different personalities and world views to make sharing the same accommodation bearable and their holidays a success.

Despite being a comedy, I Hate Summer has its share of heart-stopping moments as it gently and cleverly reveals the complexities of the human heart, the true nature of generosity and acceptance, and the power of forgiveness and love. It is a beautifully layered and crafted film, not to be missed.

Screening at Palace cinemas.

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