Eliza & The Delusions deliver an EP bursting with a bright, fuzzy energy

Eliza & The Delusionals 

A State of Living in an Objective Reality

[Cooking Vinyl]

Following on from their debut EP The Deeper End in 2017, Brisbane indie rockers Eliza and the Delusionals have released the sophomore EP A State of Living in an Objective Reality’.

On the surface, songs appear to celebrate the angst of romance. However, the true nature of the themes runs much deeper, driven by the mental and emotional stresses the band members were experiencing. 

Centring on the wonderful vocals of frontwoman Eliza Klatt, the band has a big, big power pop sound, with an emphasis on guitars. Despite the often-serious messages, the vibe is bright and cheery with bold, catchy melodies. Klatt’s singing has a soft focus to its delivery, but her powerful projection gives it more body than Canberra’s Skywhale! 

Opener Swimming Pool exemplifies the band’s signature sound. Verses end in crescendos and choruses emit cascades of sparkling licks. The track features a top finish, ramping up with overlapping vocals before ending softly with just a murmured word. The song mixes the topic of wanting to dive into a relationship, in spite of the risks, with the deeper philosophical position of ‘cause we all end up alone’.

Pull Apart Heart has everything, with an arresting signature riff, chugging rhythm, catchy singalong chorus and a huge wrap. The title hints at romance, but it is really about struggling with mental issues.

Just Exist drops the energy levels, with softly delivered vocals trickling along a sweet, gentle tune. It is only after the middle eight that it rises in intensity as the emotional level increases. 

Bursting with a bright, fuzzy energy, this five track EP could be the perfect antidote for a time when we are all feeling a bit down due to virus-related limits on everyday life.


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