BMA State of Play (subtext: We need your heeeeeeeeeelp!)

A very good day to you.

Allan the Publisher of BMA Magazine here, writing to you, dear reader, with an update of what’s happening with the magazine due to COVID-19, as well as delivering an appeal for help.

Well, the world got itself on its way to hell in a handcart in a hurry, eh? In the blink of an eye, the music/entertainment industry ground to a halt and with it, BMA in print form. 

I find myself in the weird position of being both out of a job (at least a mildly paid one) and yet still employed.

One could roll over and quit, and I’ll admit, I’ve been rocked this week and battling a low hum of depression as a result.

But this is what I do, dammit – and there are artists, creators, contractors, and readers relying on BMA more than ever before – so I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let, to quote Mad As Hell, “some f*cker eating a bat” to take us down!

So, content-wise, it’s gonna be a bit different. Music and book reviews still fly.We’re looking to feature as many local bands and artists as possible with links to where people can buy their music and merch to support them, as well as include a raft of other supporting and entertaining features.

We’re committed, as we have been for 28 years, to promoting Canberra and the bright minds that reside inside.

But all this doesn’t generate much needed money – ad revenue is non-existent with all the cancellations – so we have created a Patreon and PayPal account in the effort to raise much needed funds.

If you’re in a position to donate, it would be hugely appreciated. And if you could, pretty, pretty, PRETTY please circulate the below links to as many folk as you feel comfortable, that will help us return to print once this whole thing has blown over.

Patreon –

Paypal donation –

Thank you a thousand times over my friends. BMA literally wouldn’t be the same (heck, wouldn’t BE) without you.

Stay safe, be well, much love.


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