Dismantle Punk ‘n’ Metal fest set to tear Tuggeranong Arts Centre a new ‘un

Hey punk/metal fans of Canberra, listen up! Tuggeranong Arts Centre’s Woden Arts Program is presenting a brand new music festival, Dismantle, with a focus on celebrating diversity in punk and metal genres. This is one not to be missed.

Dismantle is an inclusive, all ages music festival dedicated to celebrating cultural, linguistic, and gender diversity, held at Canberra College’s Asgard theatre on Saturday, 4 April, from 5:30pm – late.

It is an incredible opportunity to catch some local and interstate acts, including some amazing bands who rarely (if ever) make it to the nation’s capital.

Needless to say, this is a very exciting prospect for the Canberra punk and metal world. The scene in Canberra, while still being very much alive, has dissipated somewhat in the last couple of years, but perhaps an all ages festival will inspire some more punk and metal bands to form or to come out of the woodwork and inject some fresh blood into this very special, tight-knit community. 

Hailing from Gadigal country, Canine bring their molten mix of ferocious d-beat infused hardcore punk, fuzzy sludge, power violence and wailing wah-soaked stoner rock.

Melbourne based Diploid is a three-piece grind, hardcore, black metal, doom band fresh off a tour of NSW.

Newcastle’s crusty hardcore punk oddity Boudicca will perform alongside Sydney’s anti-colonial erratic hardcore Arafura and industrial doom band Bract. While Canberra’s very own alt/punk trio Box Dye will represent our local p-community.

This event is expected to draw an audience from the ACT and wider region and create strong opportunities for community building and public recognition of the breadth of diversity found in Australia’s punk and metal music scene. 

Even the punk legend Henry Rollins himself said at an event in March last year that the future of punk is strong in Australia, and from predominantly non-male fronted acts, so it’s time to show off what we have.

In the weeks following the festival there will a series of workshops held in collaboration with Girls Rock! Canberra, creating opportunities for young music enthusiasts to learn how to care for and repair their gear, build their own effects pedals, screen-print their own merchandise, and write their own songs.

This all-ages event – happening on Saturday, 4 April at Tuggeranong Arts Centre, is alcohol free, with soft drink and food available for purchase. Tickets are only $10, available online at: https://www.trybooking.com/BILWD

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