Gosh! It’s comedian Kirsty Webeck on Canberra, comedy, and contending with the BMA office

[ALLAN SKO] So, your show… Hit me with your rhythm stick.

Gosh! is my brand new lighthearted and fun stand-up show. It’s a bunch of stories of misfortune, just unlucky enough to be hilarious but not too full on that they’ll upset anyone. Like all of my previous shows, it won’t solve the world’s problems, it won’t leave you with too much to think about, but it’ll allow you to leave your worries at the door and have a big ole laugh for a while! 

I opened the show at Hobart’s Fringe At The Edge Of The World in January and it was nominated for Best Comedy, so it’s officially a really fun show. For audiences, too, not just for me. 

You’re a Canberran at heart, but moved away at 22. What’s that about?

I graduated from the Uni of Canberra and had to get away from Goodberry’s so I moved to Taiwan for six years. I was sure to come back each year for a family-sized Frozen Custard Concrete… I mean, to visit my family. 

I went over to study Mandarin and when I came back, I figured Canberra might be a little bit small after the flashing lights of Taipei, so I moved to Melbourne. I still adore Canberra, though. Can’t go past a quick lap of the bridge-to-bridge whenever I’m in town! 

You actually did work experience for BMA back in high school. How did you survive that?

BMA was THE PLACE TO BE when I was applying for work experience. I was so stoked to be approved to go there for a week. I was really keen to be a journalist at the time and I just remember arriving at the office and thinking, “this isn’t what I thought it would be like.” The practical office environment didn’t take the shine off it for me, though. The people working there were so cool and they got to interview my favourite musicians, so I was a bit starry eyed. I had an absolute blast. 

You wrote a great LOLCol in BMA last year, where you stated: “I realised I was no longer a young person when I started defending my hometown, Canberra, with a fury the intensity of a thousand burnouts at The Summernats.” That feeling still going strong?

Definitely! I love Canberra. I remember thinking I was hilarious calling it ‘The Nation’s CRAPital’ when I left (I’m certain I’m not the only one to come up with that) but I never really believed it. I had a great time growing up there. Most of my best memories are from Arawang Primary School Oval (this is not true). I love getting back there a couple of times a year. I hate myself for saying this, but Canberra’s coffee game has gotten very strong. 

Top 3 Things you miss/like about Canberra? Assuming Kingsley’s Chicken would take the 1. (Unbelievable chicken) and 2. (Awesome chips) spots

Haha. I’ve got to come clean now. As a vegetarian, my love for Kingsley’s Chicken is a distant memory. A very vivid and justified one, but a memory nonetheless. I had to give it a mention in LOLCol. It would have been UnCanberran not to! 

I miss my family! They’re mostly still there. One of my sisters has recently moved away but the rest are still loitering around Cooleman Court. I also miss the awesome walks and the proximity to beautiful parts of nature AND I really miss sitting in the sunshine at Tilley’s on a cold winter’s day, drinking coffee and working on a project. I still pop into Tilley’s for a coffee whenever I’m in town. 

Why do you like doing comedy?

I love it because it’s constantly challenging, there’s always more work to do, and the end result makes people happy. I get to meet lots of awesome people and I get to travel to places I probably wouldn’t have gotten to if I didn’t work in this industry. 

Hardest thing about comedy?

Maybe being away from home so much. I’m lucky in that my beautiful partner often travels with me when I’m away on weekends but when she can’t, I really miss having her around. 

Best thing about comedy?

The good people you meet and often (not always) being around people when they’re at their best: relaxed, happy, and enjoying their downtime. 

Parting words of wisdom?

Always try to enjoy yourself. In this instance, the best way to do that would be to attend Gosh!


Gosh! is on for one night only at the Canberra Comedy Festival. It’s on Saturday, 21 March at 7pm at The Novotel on Northbourne Avenue. It’s going to be an absolute blast and you and everyone you know should definitely come. You could even get the fancy new tram. I hope? I actually don’t know how it works. 

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