Art, Not Apart Are Calling Out For Your Projects

Photo by Victor Tawagi

One of the capital’s leading arts festivals, Art, Not Apart, is set to return in 2018 and the creative team are taking your proposals.

Riffing on the festival theme of ‘Climax’, the 2018 Call for Projects is now open and sports a $50,000 funding pool for creative projects, 80% of which is earmarked for local and regional art.

“This is a free festival of exhibitions, performance art, throngs of music, installations, wild interventions, a street party, cafes, restaurants and two crazy after-parties,” reads the Call for Projects. “Works that speak to the intensity of today, climate change and tipping points are prioritised in 2018.”

2018 will also see Art, Not Apart partner with the Australian Academy of Science to connect leading researchers and artists in the name of Science Communication. Rumours that this curatorial thread is related to the booking of Australia’s favourite bilingual synth pop band, Art Vs. Science, for Civic’s new years celebrations are, as yet, unconfirmed.

Artists from all walks and disciplines are encouraged to bring their ideas to the table. Is the Art within you? Apply now to be part of the 2018 program.

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