Afternoon Story & Naptime with Clairewood Matt & Marlēné Radice

$10 tix:

Escape Christmas fever with a double bill, Saturday arvo wind-down featuring storytelling, music and peaceful slumber.
Presented by Clairewood Matt, Marlēné Radice, and Pablo Latona.

Our 1960s themed satirical duo Clairewood Matt will start your afternoon off with an emotive journey through four different folk tales from around the world. Be transported from earth, to sea, to space and back again through stories fused with music, sounds and voices.

Once lulled into a state of tranquility, Marlēné Radice will further soothe your ears and mind with Naptime: a set of music designed for sleeping to. Working with effects pedals, amplified woodwind instruments and voice, Marlēné will surround you with ethereal sounds and dreamlike ambience. Prepare to turn your phone off and put your eye mask on as we take you deeper into snoozetown.

Hosted by the illustrious Pablo Latona who will guide you through the fundamental stages of achieving a perfect, restful state and make sure you are well looked after at all times.

* We will provide eye masks and slippers for Naptime. Please bring whatever else you might like to make your rest as comfortable as possible: pillows, blankets, etc.

** Although not designed specifically for children, this is a child friendly event and can be enjoyed by all ages.

Artist Bios:

Clairewood Matt
are a musical comedy duo with late 1960s folk stylings. The band pays homage to the era’s Liberation movement, inspiring body positivity, environmental awareness, sexual awakening, and human interconnectedness through gentle, melodic tunes that feature beautiful harmonies and traditional folk percussion. More recently, Clairewood Matt have turned their attention towards storytelling: embellishing tales from around the globe with their own brand of whimsy, theatricality, and tenderness. The love child of Incredible String Band and Playschool, this duo’s colourful presentations are inviting, eccentric, and unique.

Marlēné Radice
is a composer specialising in notated electroacoustic composition by exploring how art and sound complement one another. As an electro acoustic musician she primarily works with effects pedals and amplified woodwind instruments (bass clarinet, clarinet, sax) and voice. Her work often deals with ideas around personal identity identity and how it can be expressed and abstracted though sound. MarlÄ“né has been featured on Fbi Radio’s Ears Have Ears (NSW), the Sonic.Art Quartet (Berlin), The Music Box Project (NSW), Art Not Apart Festival (ACT), COUP Melbourne, Feminatronic, Future Creatives Festival (VIC), the Monash New Music Ensemble (VIC) and her electronic duo Erwartung (NSW). She has been commissioned as sound designer/composer for the National Museum of Australia (2017) and Questacon (2013).

Pablo Latona
is a local funsmith who has been directing, writing and performing playful theatre for 25 years. He currently works between Canberra and Sydney as a Clown Doctor, and in his spare time makes really cool interactive public art. He loves emceeing because it’s a great word.

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Sat Dec 14
12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Smith's Alternative

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