[Metalise] In between Seasonal Sneezes Comes Some Killer Gigs For OCT/NOV

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The warmer weather is usually a welcome event for most people. In true glass half empty metal thinking, it is merely a time for mother nature to smite my sinuses with the flora fornication of hayfever.

In between sneezes I bring you this missive from Toyland Studios in Melbourne where, apart from Pod People being hard at work on an album, works produced by Aus metal luminaries such as Hellspawn, Blood Duster, Damaged, King Parrot, and Witchskull (to name but a few) adorn the walls. I was last here in 2007 which, from the looks of the photos, was about 30kgs ago. But I digress…

Your author, working hard or hardly working?

Volatile Ways

On Saturday, 30 September, Bloodmouth will unleash a live action that will no doubt be accompanied by an all caps diatribe in the launch of their Carnist Industrial Complex release. This very nasty piece of work shows you don’t need animal proteins to be angry.

Joining them in this action will be the Novacastrian death quartet Volatile Ways, who themselves are touring to promote the recent release of their Compendium album. This a The Basement sanctioned event to which tickets can be purchased prior via Oztix.


Thursday, 12 October at The Basement sees the Canberra leg of the technical death metal stylings of Archspire (Canada) as a part of their Tech Trek Tour. If absolutely ripping guitar is your thing, Archspire is right up there in the modern tech death arena for shred. They will be perfectly complemented with performances from the UK’s Ingested and Melbourne’s Werewolves. This is going to be a special one, get your tickets via Oztix ASAP.

Brad Nicholson and his many hats!

Fresh from the studio, Pod People thought it might be a good opportunity to get the cobwebs off the live rigs and play a bit of a show at The Basement on Saturday, 14 October. The prospect of playing some new songs instead of songs old enough to still be on P-plates has seen frontman Brad Nicholson so keen to play he thought he’d drop triple duties, with a set of new Lucifungus material from their August album release IV, and a set of this year’s Hydranaut album. Amammoth are opening proceedings, so I suspect we will soon learn he has also joined them too. Get yer tix via Oztix

[Hey. Editor Al here. It was later brought to my attention that Dave “DD” Drynan also of Pod People, Lucifungus, and Hydranaut—will be doing triple duties that eve too. So that the man doesn’t feel left out, here’s our Dave with his own collection of questionably photoshopped hats. It was later confirmed that both Brad and Dave will be donning the pompoms and acting as cheerleaders for Amammoth]

Saturday, 21 October the maniacs at Chain Tombstone have thrown together a slamtastic evening of breakdowns with The Belco Grand Slam at The Basement, with two Canberra bands going head to head with two of Sydneys slamingest. The Tombstone are repping the ACT alongside Dyatlov Pass, with Cultists and Huntsman bringing the breakdowns for NSW. Get some tickets now.

A couple of cool international shows coming up in the near future also with Gloryhammer undertaking a glory to Dundee adventure with Rumahoy and Livewire at The Basement on Sunday, 5 November. Tickets through Oztix.


Sweden’s stoner rock legends Dozer return to Australia on Thursday, 9 November on a national jaunt with the excellent Jack Harlon & The Black Crows. These guys haven’t been back for 20 years so grab a ticket and make them feel welcome.

Rounding out the upcoming fridge calendar preparation is the the wrap of Witchskull album launch tour for The Serpent Tide with a trip to The Basement on Saturday, 18 November. The show is a fine mixed bill affair including Immorium, Undermines, and Loose Cannon. Tickets are on sale now.

While underscoring the internationals and a long time in between visits, it’s been 30 years since Pungent Stench last darkened the doors of the Terrace Bar. While the Terro is long gone, the ‘Stench lingers on in the guise of Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench with Lucifungus and Blightworms.

The line-up is guitarist vocalist Martin Schirenc with a 3-piece band playing all of your mondo bizarre favourites at Pot Belly Bar on Friday, 1 December and the tickets are already moving so don’t sleep!

That’s yer lot for another month. See you next time, lest my sinuses kill me first.

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