METALISE – Blossoms, Fungi and a Whole Lotta Gigs!

Metalise column summoned by Josh Nixon

The blossoms have begun to bud, sure, but the heavy grey skies tell these old bones that riffs are a comin’ this spring. This unseasonably warm winter has already seen early lambs popping out, with Witchskull enjoying lots of attention on their national tour for The Serpent Tide and Krampus doing 666mas in July.

But there’s still plenty more on the way.

Spring brings forth all sorts of interesting fungi after the rain. Despite a relatively dry winter, a mere sprinkle was enough to usher forth Lucifungus and their 4th full length album, growing from some very fertile spores in Belconnen.

Makes for a very fertile winter for the ‘fungus with their sister band Hydranaut releasing new music recently, and Pod People finally heading to the studio in Melbourne in September to record a 3rd full length album thanks to the support of an artsACT grant.

Hydranaut headline a night at Pot Belly Bar on Saturday, 26 August and are joined by the rejuvenated Nunchukka Superfly from Sydney, as well as The Strike Outs. And all for a meagre 20 bucks.

The ‘fungi are launching the new album entitled 4 on Saturday, 23 September at Pot Belly Bar in Belco with Hekate, Mourners, and Voodoo Acid Space Kings. It all kicks off at 8pm and is also a mere 20 bucks.

Bloodmouth put out yet another shouty missive through their revolutionary social media accounts and network of balaclavas. My eyes could only stand the ALL CAPS ASSAULT so long, but in short, their new 7” Carnist Industrial Complex is here, and they’re still very angry about vegan related things. It’s a fertile anger, and they’re harnessing it to good effect. Like a more eco-friendly Ghost.

Pilots of Baalbek joined the ‘Skull for several interstate jaunts. Their Captain, Adam Agius, supplied me with a preview flight and there’s a lot to look forward to (especially the catchy tune about DB Cooper). The new Hekate can’t be far off either and my early preview of that is a big step up on the debut.

So all of that is out and about, and I trust you can forage about for even more. Looking further afield, the Gummo EP Assimilation is Death is 9 minutes and 6 songs of a good time with dual vocals and some absolutely filthy tones.

Yawning Man return to town on the Thursday, 24 August and their new 3-tracker, Long Walk of the Navajo, is more psych instrumental greatness. They are joined by their fellow Australian psych instrumental travellers Frozen Planet 1969, the aforementioned new song wielding Pilots of Baalbek and the ironically present The Absentee. Pot Belly Bar has built a new stage, so get along and support the show.

Questfest 5 got me wondering where I was for the other 4, but you have a twin city (The Basement for Canberra and then to Melbourne for the other half of the quest) bill featuring Orpheus Omega, Triple Kill, and our own Saralisse hitting The Basement on Saturday, 2 September so jump on board for that one. Tix via Oztix.

International brutal bovine slaying delights abound on Sunday, 17 September with the return of Cattle Decapitation to the hallowed halls of The Basement. Along for the slaughter are the monstrously heavy Fallujah for the whole Australian run, and opening will be Melancolia. There are few tickets remaining so best grab one via Oztix asap.

Probably a good reminder to ensure your fridge calendar/ phone/ticket budget is aware of the Archspire tour happening on Thursday, 12 October at The Basement. The shred will be in full effect and, in some cross Atlantic co-operation with UK deathsters Ingested, you can be sure maximum brutality is afoot. Melbourne’s excellent Werewolves round out the show, get yer’ tickets via Oztix while they’re hot.

Nic Bergersen (The Basement) with a nice older metal gent (Steve Harris, Iron Maiden) at Wacken Open Air.

Lastly big shout out and flowers to Deprivation who seemed to have a lovely time representing Canberra metal at the almighty Wacken. Joined by Nic from The Basement, the socials were awash with our hometown brethren smashing out a killer, and well received, set, as well as enjoying the bill of great bands and rubbing shoulders with metal royalty. Congrats and well deserved guys.

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