EMME LENTINO – Time Machine

Single review by Vince Leigh

Love, hope and time travel.

Singer-songwriter Emme Lentino returns with another contemporary pop track, Time Machine. The new single follows her previous releases, Ghost Lover, Dive, and Shake It Off, which all generated decent plays on MOOD MEDIA, FLOW FM NETWORK, GRANT BROADCASTERS, 3AW, ABC LOCAL, ABC COUNTRY, KIX COUNTRY NETWORK, MTV / CMT, with one of the tracks scoring a Woolworths national ad campaign.

And once again, Emme explores universal themes; on this occasion, it’s love and hope, all doused with a little of the illusionary and the nostalgically romantic, musing on that ever-hypnotizing and elusive concept of time travel.

As Emme says about the new track, ‘I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of time travel and as a child was surrounded by books by English Theoretical Physicist Stephen Hawking, and the amazing Einstein. My dad, a scientist and teacher, inspired me to ask big questions, and I had a love of invention and curiosity.’

Inspired pop

Those big questions have inspired a pop track whose clean, unassuming production allows melodic choices to rise to the surface, particularly in the chorus, which features a sleek first-line hook that’s instantly identifiable. The lyric is fused with a yearning that, improbable or not, we might all relate to, if only for its aspirational qualities. As the opening verse line suggests, ‘Let’s travel in a time machine / Back to a time, we believed love was everything it could be / Space and time collide / Let’s go and find us again’, the lyric’s playful use of the construct mirrors a wish to return to this paradisial state between people, where, strangely enough, the concept of time standing still might be more pertinent.

But of course, we need to get there. And thinking might make it so. And as Albert has stated, time is an illusion that moves relative to an observer, so perhaps if we reinterpret his words and put a musically inspired spin on it, as Emme has quite convincingly done, we might be able to locate this harmonious point, if only in our imaginings.

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