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Well, I’m still cooked after two days of Canberra Metal Fest. Our sincere congrats to the organisers. Keen for next time! And as we all know, time waits for no riffs, and there is an abundance of them cresting the horizon. 

Canberra Metal Vio-Lence

Come Tuesday, 7 March there’s a classic twin USA thrash classic at The Basement with genre legends Sacred Reich and Bay Area stalwarts Vio-Lence. This tour has been a LOOOONG time in the offing, not just because both bands are legendary ‘80s proponents, but because of the stupid Covid. 

If you bought tickets the first time around they’re still valid. And fear not friends; tickets are available via Oztix so you can enjoy a good ol’ mosh! Like we used to do!

Triple Album Tour – A Cerberus of a Show

The Basement also hosts South Australian’s Charnel Altar with fellow crow eaters Endless Loss on Saturday, 11 March at the Pot Belly Bar

Joined by a pleasingly mixed bill of fine locals in Ploughshare and Futility, Charnel Altar are touring their 2021 release Abatement of the Sun and Endless Loss their 2022 EP Bloodletting Narcotic Divination

Throw Ploughshare into the release mix on the back of their late ‘22 effort, Ingested Burial Ground, and that’s a lot of verbs and nouns that all equal a brutally good time.

One of the Canberra Metal Fest highlights for both this, and last, year were Frankston’s crazed NembutoliK. 

It was welcome news that the band will be back on Wednesday, 19 April as a part of the 9-date antipodean tour with Wisconsin death groove merchants Jungle Rot. The Basement will, of course, host and tickets can, of course, be bought via Oztix [BOSSMAN UPDATE: Sadly, the Jungle Rot tour has been postponed. Stay tuned for any updates on rescheduling, and we’ll be sure to follow NembutoliK’s rise and rise]

Japan’s excellent Butcher A.B.C. (pictured below) announced a surprised visit to town in April, and we sure to love it when unexpected grindy guests come to town!

Joined by 100 Years War, Dark Horse, and Wretch, all your blasting needs can be met at The Basement on Sunday, 23 April with tickets available via Oztix now.

Into The Fall Gives A Little Side Action

Ploughshare are also heading up to Sydney to play one of only two Into The Fall side shows with the awesome Gatecreeper on Sunday, 19 March at Metro Social

The other side show is in Brisbane with headliners Obscura, and Undeath joining Convulsing at The Brightside. Tickets for the main game in Melbourne are about 50% gone now so if the Saturday, 18 March date has you umm-ing at ahh-ing at the prospect of seeing Obscura, Gatecreeper, Stabbing, Undeath, Cryptic Shift, Inverloch, Carcinoid, Altars, Freedom of Fear, Resin Tomb, Pestis Cultis, and Growth – then you need your head read. 

Get on them tickets from good ol’ Oztix.

It was a pleasant surprise to hear Your Mate Bookings announce that UK’s Esoteric (pictured below) are making a long overdue saunter down under in June. 

For the first time ever, no less. Friday, 30 June at The Basement is the date for the Maniacal Pyrrhonism tour and it will be best to investigate tickets early as this one will evaporate quicker than my bird bath on a 36-degree day.

Sunburn… Fore!

Speaking of fests, and then doom, it’s time to consider your ticket options with the weekend of 28/29 April rapidly approaching. 

Yes friends, Sunburn IV is nearly upon us, and that line-up of the best in Australia’s stoner and doom bands is ridiculously stacked.

Alphabetically, you have a menu consisting of Amammoth, Astrodeath, Atolah, Bongcoffin, Burn the Hostages, Dirty Pagans, Droid, Dr. Colossus, Earth Omen, Elephant Orgy, Emu, Fumerole, Full Tone Generator, Giant, Goat Shaman, Golem, Holy Serpent, Hydranaut, Khan, Kitchen Witch, Kvll, Lucifungus, Master Leonard, MWOC, Mourners, Pistonfist, Planet of the 8s, Pod People, Robot God, Smoke Witch, Sundowner, Yanomamo, and Vvarp

Please buy tickets; I believe I may have just developed carpal tunnel syndrome from frenziedly typing out all that doom-y goodness.

Vale Ivan Merchant

And we finish up this month with some sad news, as we mark the passing of Dirty Sanchez guitarist, and former Precursor and OG Pod People guitarist, Ivan Merchant on 31 January

Ivan was, and continues to be, an integral part of the DNA of Canberra heavy music. He was right at ground zero for one of this city’s most fertile and exciting times for original live music. 

From the Youth Cafe shows in the early ‘90s (that many of you would never believe how big and wild they got), through to the venues that have also passed into legend like The Terrace Bar, Ivan was a big part of why many of us got motivated to take a leap of faith and start our own bands. 

Pretty sure a rad picture of the man graced the first or second issue of this very rag. 

Vale, Ive. 

BMA’s sympathies and thoughts extend to his brother Ross, step-dad Jim, and his family and friends during this time.

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