BAND PROFILE: Glitoris on future plans, near death, and an awkward band encounter

The all-female 4-piece powerhouse mishmash of glam punk rock, metal, and pop that is Glitoris return for a rollicking gig at The Basement.

As it’s been awhile between proverbial drinks, BMA decided to catch up with the band to see what’s what.

There’s future plans, an awkward encounter with a beloved Aussie band, and even a near death experience to learn about…

Glitoris logo

Group members: 

Keven 007, Andrew, Malcolm, Mickey.

Where did the band name come from?

A sparkling nod to female empowerment, and the fact we were adorned by only glitter back in the day (it soon became a logistical nightmare).

How did you form? 

We formed for a one-off gig at You Are Here Festival in 2014. People seemed to like it. So did we.

Describe your sound: 

A compelling mishmash of glam punk rock, metal, and pop.

What key tracks should people immediately check out? 

Head over to and check out The Slut Power Sessions – Live at The Basement for some tasty live versions of The Policy, Slut Power and Pole (look you might as well listen to the whole thing).

What are your influences, musical and/or otherwise? 

Kev: Really weird shit like AM radio, Arthouse Cinema, and Frankenfurter. Andrew will likely say Sparks.

Andrew: Sparks. Baarka. SOAD. Queen Adreena. We’ve channeled Crazy Frog and Happy Tree Friends on this next record. 

Malcolm: Timothy Robert from RATM, Pixies, Mr Bungle, Red Hot Chili Peppers, ‘90s alt rock. I’ve recently been listening to Mark Sandman from Morphine which has led to making a 2-string slide bass.

Mickey: My first drum lesson was a VHS of Neil Peart. I was raised on Gospel music but idolise Tool for fucking with time signatures, and if I could ever play like Joey Jordison I’d literally die of happiness.

What are some of the most memorable experiences you’ve had as a band?  

When we accosted Regurgitator in their car to give them vegan brownies in a heart shaped box. It was the most cringe fangirl moment of our lives.

What is it that you love about the scene? Your genre’s scene?

The buzz. The power of the music. The people are real. We all support each other and have a bit of a larf.

Tell us about one of your proudest moments? 

When we didn’t die on Macquarie Pass at night, on our way back from a Wollongong show with a ute full of gear. We were lost and Malcolm was driving. ”I’ll just pull over” she said, steering the ute towards a cliff edge… We lived to tell the tale. 

What are your plans for the future? 

We’re recording our sophomore album later this year, and will then make up for lost touring time in a big way!

What makes you laugh? 

Keven makes everyone laugh. Malcolm and Andrew on band camp after one-too-many gins. Mickey’s ‘inside voice’. 

What pisses you off? 

The myriad ways that violence against women is perpetuated all over the world. The politicising of – and cruelty towards – Trans people and children. The wealth gap. Prisons. Government inaction on climate change, Indigenous health, and self-determination, and DV. 

Anything else you’d like to add? 

Malcolm is pretty cute.

Where can people check you out? 

At The Basement on Friday, 27 May with Lulu and the Tantrums and Raising Ravens.


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