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Dance/EDM: The Drop brought to you by Allan Sko

Hello creatures of the night, and general revellers of post-midnight mirth.

So here we are. Finally at the end of this most charming of years. And December/January – the official merrymaking season of any calendar – is set to be extra special, what with all this pent up party energy to unleash.

And with a sense of the Before Times firmly established, there’s been enough space for our beloved venues of verve veneration, as well as those punctilious promoters, to put on a slew of exciting events across a broad range of genres. 

So strap on your disco pants and let’s get clubbin’ in neat, chronological fashion!

Dance/EDM – Can you FEEL it?

Fiction is getting back into the swing of things, with FEEL returning to Friday nights. The 17 December edition sees ultimate triple-threat Touch Sensitive man the helm.

Touch Sensitive
Touch Sensitive adds ‘dance deity’ to his ever-growing slashie list

The producer, in-demand live performer, and DJ is a treasured slashie for artists and audiences alike, known for such accolades as remixing Rufus, collaborating with Flume, and touring internationally with Flight Facilities. The man with an ear for hooks and impeccable taste will be joined on the night by Unknown Avenue, Burg, Aunty Daniel, and Kaliopi. Tix range from $16.57 – $27.01 depending on when you get in, and are available from

Booyaka Booyaka

The following eve, Saturday, 18 December, you can decorate the Yuletide season with the drum ‘n’ bass baubles of Jungle Bells III at Pot Belly Bar.

Jungle Bells III
Ho ho hooooooooooo!

The Headz are Rolling team have done a frankly fantastic/horrific pun-laden description for this, so I’ll hand over to them:

“Time to get lit, because Christmas is almost here and we are feeling all santamental about the Canberra Bass family. We will be pudding in a big sound system. So it’s time to get down with the Headz are Rolling crew. It’s Christmas so yule be rocking out to the Amens until late. And the DJs will be sleighing it to make it rein dear.”

Strap yourselves in, because it doesn’t end there.

“Dasher down to the Pot Belly bass camp from 10pm to start the ascent. Get ready to raise some holiday spirits, because it’s the most wonderful time for a beer. Christmas is a good Claus for celebration. We all love to get Blitzened by snares so much no one will want to go ho ho home.

“But wait – there’s myrrh…”

Ok, that’s enough of that. Don’t say I didn’t want you.

The Headz honchos have assembled a massive line-up for the festivities: Crooked Sound System, Tidy, Samwise, Moonstompa, DanFran, Xujih, Raggz 2 Riches, Rascal, Gamacell, Mariana Dub, Karuna, Fourthstate, DJHRH, and Key Seismic. You get all these fine people for a humble $20 + bf change via

The Crown (Ruler)

Also on Saturday, 18 December, if a bag full of warm eclectic grooves and straight up pumping beats is more your style, the Crown Ruler double that is SS10: Ruby Savage and Zjoso is playing out at sideway.

Ruby Savage
Ruby Savage has overseen more labels that Andy Warhol

Since moving from her hometown of Amsterdam to London in 2007, RubySavage has worked behind the counter at Honest Jon’s Records and managed record label Sounds Signature, where she also created the Wildheart Recordings sister label. Much of Brownswood Recording’s recent success has been down to her stewardship as label manager (2016-20) while solo exploits have taken her to the dance floor with her In Flames post-punk disco party, a monthly on NTS, and bopping through the booth of a large number of well respected London clubs a la Oval Space, Phonox, 5 Miles, Pickle Factory, Giant Steps, and The Village Underground.

Zjoso – the super-cool Tribqu head honcho

She’ll be joined by the Tribqu head honcho, Zjoso. West African in heritage, the Naarm (Melbourne)-based Zjoso has quickly become an essential thread weaving through the city’s musical tapestry. He is the founder of Tribqu, a progressive platform celebrating underground music and culture where, at the helm, he has successfully carved out a distinct role as radio host, DJ, and curator.   

Add to that local legend Frasier Brigz, and you have yourself a night! Tickets are $20 – $30 + bf via

Come Boxing Day – the holiday that confuses Americans – once again you have a choice of danceables.

Back to Fiction, and the club welcomes the return of The Sunset Bros on Sunday, 26 December, who will be playing their trademark fusion of NRG, house, techno, and trance. Jay Sounds is the main support for this event, with ample contributions from Vivace, Toucan, Daron K, and Edstar. Tix range from $21.79 – $32.23 depending on when you get in, and are available from

Causing a lot of Friction

Friction Presents
Friction presents had been on fire since its return

Also on the Day of Boxing, Sunday, 26 December, Friction Presents again takes over the Assembly for a massive afternoon. Featuring K.I.M (The Presets), Mashd N Kutcher (DJ SET), and Stace Cadet. There’s only final release tix left, $52.02 via Moshtix, but they’re not expected to last long!  Spans 2pm – 10pm.

No kidding on that. Friction Presents and Assembly have been on a roll since The Big F’s re-form. They boast consecutive sold-out shows hosting the likes of Sneaky Sound System, Bag Raiders, and the Ministry Of Sound classics party. 

So if you missed out on the Boxing Day bash, then get in early for future shows, namely Assembly Sunday Sessions ft. Jungle Giants (DJ Set), Stacie Fields & more on Sunday, 16 January from 2pm – 10pm, and then Assembly 360° Experience feat. Bag Raiders, Alex Preston & more, also on a Sunday, (6 February), also from 2pm – 10pm. 

The latter 360° gig is a special Boiler Room style set where you, the salivating audience, can surround the Bagsters. Prepare to witness, up close, them doing their thang. Like this:

Boiler Room set
Enjoy the sights, sounds and, indeed, smells of a 360° set

There are various tickets at various prices via Moshtix, with the age-old mantra of ‘the sooner you buy, the cheaper it is’.

Always Goofing around

Rounding out the monthly calendar, again back at club Fiction on Friday, 14 January, is Holy Goof. He’s described as “a driving force at the very forefront of UK bass culture”. Also, he’s “a key protagonist in the scene, with a sound that’s had a huge impact on electronic music.”

Wow; a DJ from the UK. There’s a novelty to report on in 2021!

Holy Goof
It’s UK beat-meister Holy Goof! We think…

He’s a popular boy is our Goof-meister, with only final release tickets available for $32.23 via, you guessed it,

Leviathan Awakens

And finally, a note from hard-working lads at the Dragon Dreaming festival. They have seen their way through the recent challenges and have emerged with good news.

“It is with great pleasure that we announce that the Dragon Dreaming Festival 2021 will now be happening in 2022, in collaboration with the Regrowth Tree Planting Festival!” the team enthused.

“After years of rest, we return with an even more refined vision to come together for celebration, sharing, and giving back to the country that holds us. This new vision has come about with the exciting amalgamation between the not-for-profit Dragon Dreaming Festival and that of the Regrowth Tree planting festival (REGEN Eco-projects).

“We are now one and ready to bring you a ‘leave a positive trace’ festival that we can all be part of. 

Dragon Dreaming
Dragon Dreaming – now even better for the planet

“This means that the Dragon Dreaming Festival will now add to the 73,000 native plants we have planted together to date at  Regrowth Festivals.

“Of course, we will continue to bring you the amazing festival experience you have come to expect, presenting diverse music over four days from live bands to live electronic music, performers, interactive arts, expression and learning spaces, art gallery, cinema, markets, healing space and kids’ space.”

So isn’t that a happy piece of news to end with? It’s all set to happen across 1 Apr – 4 Apr, 2022 at Lake Burrinjuck. Only a hop, skip, and a merry jump away from Canberra. For tickets and further information, head to, and continue to keep an eye on these pages as we near the big event.

OK – damn! – that was a lot of stuff to report. It swells the cockles of me old heart, it does. I intend to kick off the 2022 column by rounding up some notable music identities and find out what rocked their socks music-wise in 2021, as well as provide you with a coupla heaters from yours truly. But that all depends on how fat and lazy we all get over the festive season.

Whatever turns out, I will be here, with all that dancey-EDM goodness to extol the virtues of.

I hope you’ll be here too.

Party hard. Party safe. Peace, love, and unity.

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