The Vince Leigh TOP 10 TRACKS of 2021 spectacular!

As keen readers of BMA Magazine can attest, Vince Leigh has been an absolute workhorse in 2021. He’s one of the best music writers I – Bossman Allan Sko – have had the pleasure of working with. He has lovingly cranked out review after review of considered, erudite, passionate, and well-crafted words, the reading of which is a highlight of this ragged Editor’s job.

As such, it was only right we asked Mr Leigh for his favourite tracks for 2021.

Read on, and rock out! 

True Seekers by Sleigh Bells

True Seekers - Sleigh Bells

The duo returns with a seamless convergence of electro power pop, swirling with gorgeous synths, muted guitar brilliance, and big hit worthiness.

Crutch by Band of Horses

Crutch - Band of Horses

The new one for the Seattle group does not disappoint. A carefree and brisk wildfire of sweet melodic spots and Ben Bridwell’s typically endearing vocal spark. 

Stacking Chairs by Middle Kids

Stacking Chairs - Middle Kids

This song sounds as if it comes from the depths of rock history, a record reinforced by restraint, allegiance, and a quiet emotional power. 

The Fine Line of A Quiet Life by FUR

The Fine Line of A Quiet Life - FUR

This steams ahead like an unstoppable pop rocket of glam and retro rock with dashes of The Strokes. 

A Hero’s Death (Live) by Fontaines D.C.

A Hero's Death - Fontaines D.C.

A bit of Irish post-punk from the 2021 release Live at Kilmainham Gaol. The opening refrain of ‘life ain’t always empty’ initiates a welcoming stream of raw sentiment. ‘Never let a clock tell you what you got time for’, indeed! It unfurls and unfurls like the most unlikely of messages.

How Not To Drown by CHVRCHES (feat. Robert Smith)

How Not To Drown - CHVRCHES feat Robert Smith

CHVRCHES are consistently notable and this, featuring Robert Smith’s trademark touch, makes for an utterly irresistible piece, with a monster downtempo groove and tantalising melodies.

Hometown by Sea Girls

Hometown - Sea Girls

Utilising the same gregarious melodic heights as U2 and Coldplay, Sea Girls add a layer of grit and excitable invigorative energy, finessed with a classic guitar choke hold.

Seventeen Going Under by Sam Fender

Seventeen Going Under - Sam Fender

A coming-of-age rock pop embedded tale, Seventeen Going Under’s measured abandon is highlighted by an assured vocal and an almost tender, rueful lyric.

It Won’t Always Be Like This by Inhaler

It Won't Always Be This Like - Inhaler

Another Dublin outfit, merging the high-flying melodics with a spirited, gallant rock stance. 

The Angel of 8th Avenue by Gang of Youths

A neo-Springsteen meditation, continuing the band’s poetic drive and strident rock delivery.

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