PUNK & DISORDERLY – a hyped debut show, a final ever performance, beloved CBR band single launch, and much more besides

With Alice Worley

Hey lovelies, corona is kicking up again so let’s see how many shows I’m about to hype you up for actually go ahead…

But get hyped anyway because maybe they will happen! It’s still possible that we will be able to see all these bitching bands this coming month. Fingers crossed (and thoroughly sterilised)!

Well-well-well… Look who finally decided to show. The much anticipated live performance debut of st.sinner is finally on the cards, playing with Dead Lazarus, Kilroy, and Subway to Venus on Saturday, 7 August at The Polish Club. Hot off the heels of their third single being released, We’re All Going To Hell, they’re talking a pretty big game on their facebook event, boasting “a show of the calibre that Canberra hasn’t seen in a very long time”. 

winners are st.sinner – we finally get to see them live

Find out if they can put their money where their mouth is by buying a ticket on trybooking.com! I’ve got mine, so I’ll see y’all there!

This column was due for publication the day of Sketch Method’s single launch for Panic! At The Costco, so I can’t report on how it went, but I’m pretty damn sure it was awesome. 

Nah, I can report on it. It was awesome. 

How could it not be when they were supported by Melbourne’s punk gods Wolfpack and locals Signs & Symbols and Box Dye? It was the best show ever and if you missed it, we were all very perplexed by your absence. What the hell, mate? Where were you?

Sketch Method utilising Rocco’s Modern Life-style artwork to excellent effect

We’ve missed Sketch so much and I’m so so happy to see them getting things up and running again. Panic! At The Costco has been making the rounds on local radio stations around the country and it’s an instant Aussie punk classic. I’m absolutely bursting in anticipation of their other tracks set to be released this year. Thanks for hanging in there through COVID guys, we love you so much!

The end of July will see Box Dye having their first ever single launch. Been a hot minute since their first release last year, Julia, so get ready to pop their new track, State of Emergency, on your Spotify mix! Playing on Friday, 30 July with other locals Spinning Plates, Bad Lunar, and Northbourne at The Basement, this limited number of tickets is at high risk of selling out, so get onto that quick sticks if you wanna come celebrate this release. The trio will be going on hiatus for a spell after this show, set to return to the stage later this year, so get your ticket from Oztix before they go into hibernation!

Flash Anthem will be having their last show EVER at UC Hub on Friday, 23 July, so if you wanna get your final fill of those guys, plus performances by Enfants, The Narcissists, and Sunday Sojourn, this is the time! 

Flash Anthem have been a staple of the Canberra music scene for the last 4 years, and they’re sure to finish off with a bang, so get your tickets at moshtix.com.au if you wanna say your farewells!

Flash Anthem to go out with a bang for their final ever show

In bummer news, The Meanies have had to postpone their upcoming show with Dicklord and Charlotte and The Harlots at The Basement, but I’m so keen for them all to be back on the cards when it’s safe for them to travel. 

Sweet lady ‘Rona be a harsh mistress, but hey, we just gotta roll with the punches these days. Wishing all of you the very best through these virus-addled times. Stay safe, keep those hands clean, and thrash responsibly xx

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