PUNK & DISORDERLY JUNE-JULY – A long-dead label resurrected, local bands respected, and new music prospected

With Alice Worley

Hey y’all! Got a bunch more release rumblings and a couple of ACT punk rock bands about to resurface. Exciting times ahead!

Canberra alternative fans may have noticed that one of the Capital’s staple punk bands has been pretty busy lately. Our beloved Sketch Method have been hitting the studio again! Haven’t had any releases to get keen for since their single Gladys in 2019 and before that their album Is It A Bird? Who Cares? in 2018, so seeing them getting to work on a fresh batch of tunes is just what we need in 2021. Every time these guys put something out, it trumps their previous release, so I’ve got high hopes and high expectations for what’s to come.

They’ve also lined up a Queensland tour in June with some very impressive line-ups. No word as of yet if they’ve got a Canberra show coming up, but there’s been whispers they’ve got one in the works with a special guest Melbourne punk band. Until I see a facebook event/gig poster I’m not gonna throw any details out, but I suggest you stay tuned…

Congratulations to The Dirty Sunflowers on their launch of ReelLove at Smith’s Alternative. Apologies to the staff at Smith’s that had to put all the tables and chairs back after dance floor became a necessity, but I mean… it was a necessity.

Always great to go to a show where all the bands are just mates that love playing with each other. So good to see Parrots With Piercings, Box Dye, and Nora all having such a good time championing the ever increasing catalogue of banger tracks being produced by The Dirty Sunflowers. Kudos to all!

Box Dye have announced a new single; State of Emergency. This will be their second song release after Julia back in early 2020, but this time the single in question has been recorded in a studio and not a friend’s mum’s shed. Still sounded pretty alright though, hey? 

The track is set to be released on July 26th, with a single launch to follow on the 30th at The Basement. Joining them on stage will be Spinning Plates, Bad Lunar and Northbourne. Should be a night of high energy, aggressive-but-catchy tunes, and maybe we’ll even do some stage diving (we can only hope). Tickets available now through Oztix, get onto it!

I myself have been wondering; where did Charlotte and The Harlots go? They’re one of my favourite Canberra bands but I haven’t seen any trace of them since last year. Just as I was starting to worry that they’d called it a day, they announced they’re going to be supporting The Kids on their Go Back To Canberra – Canberra Tour alongside Yoko Oh No and Enfants

Charlotte and THE Harlots

Phew! Glad they’ve popped back on the radar, as I’m sure many of you are. Great to have them returning to the stage; we missed you!

[Hey all, Bossman Sko here quickly popping in with some breaking punk news, reproduced here with Alice’s permission…. 

After a hiatus of 18 years, Canberra’s Vicious Kitten Records has been relaunched. The first release is a 7” single by NYC punk legend Kevin K – who has teamed up with Ricky Rat (Trash Brats / Dead Boys) on a hard hitting Ramones-like anthem called Identity Crisis. The first 100 singles comes with a bonus Kevin K sticker. Ooooo!

Vicious Kitten Records originally formed in 1999 and grew out of the popular Vicious Kitten Fanzine. The label developed a reputation for releasing artists directly related to, or inspired by, Johnny Thunders and dissolved in 2003. Vicious Kitten released recordings by Australian and international artists including Kevin K, Freddy Lynxx, Nikki Sudden, Rick Blaze & The Ballbusters, Sheek The Shayk (ex-Psychotic Turnbuckles) and The Golden Arms (Japan). 

Let’s plenty more to learn, so for more information on past and future releases, hit up viciouskittenrecords.com

OK, that’s all from Sko. Back to you, Alice!]

For some interstate band action, one of my all time most beloved Aussie punk bands, Dicklord, will be coming to Canberra to support legends The Meanies on their Desperate Measures tour. I never thought I’d see either of these bands in Canberra any time soon, so I am absolutely stoked. I already have my ticket, don’t you?

To finish off this month, I just gotta say, been great to see sold out local shows and so many people supporting the scene post lockdown. Big hand for all punters forking over their hard earned dollars to our starving musos and vulnerable venues, keep it up!

See you next time.

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