EMME LENTINO’s tender track PETER PAN serves as a homage to her late husband, and a way for all to support a deserving cause

By Vince Leigh

American-born New Zealand music artist Emme Lentino’s new single Peter Pan follows some notable radio and streaming site responses to her recent releases Oceanside, and Emme’s reimagining of the George Michael song Last Christmas, which received healthy support from Mood Media, Flow FM Network, Grant Broadcasters, 3AW, ABC Local, ABC Country, KIK Country Network, MTV / CMT, the Philadelphia News Channel 17, CTV Calgary (National News in Canada), Global News (National News, Canada), and many more.

Peter Pan is a country-tinged contemporary pop track that seems to cover a lot of bases; it has subtle hooks, a suitably expressive lead vocal performance, considered production, and a lyric that attempts to utilise a familiar myth-like figure to create a personal statement with universal overtones.

Emme originally wrote Peter Pan for her late husband, Tony, and the release is in honour of his memory. As Emme says about the origin of the song.

“I originally wrote Peter Pan in 2007 but never recorded it until I moved to New Zealand. I took it to producer and songwriter Bryan Bell, and we recorded a cinematic version and added a bridge.

“We went on to compose more songs, all geared towards encouraging and uplifting others. These songs became an EP entitled Light in the Darkness, and in 2016 I began visiting schools in my local area performing the songs and talking to kids about kindness, love, and hope. 

“The CD was given to these students along with glow in the dark T-shirts with the message ‘Be a light in the darkness, shine’. Primarily the only folks who got this CD were friends and family and school kids in NZ.”

In keeping with her charity work and heart for others, Emme wanted to create an opportunity for folks to buy the CD and T-shirt via her website, where all proceeds will be donated to Hands of Grace-Rae of Light/Heart of IndieRadio www.heartofindieradio.com for their Suicide Prevention Program

These are available on Emme’s now.

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