Actor/DJ SEXXXY BEAST gets his sweat on in the studio for the hooks ‘n’ humour of gym-based dance hit JUST DO YOUR MAGIC

Review by Vince Leigh

The debut release for new Australian music artist Sexxxy Beast is Just Do Your Magic, a gym motivation track with hooks, humour, and a relatable and fun lyric.

After spending the past ten years as an actor and DJ, Sexxxy Beast discovered his love for singing and dance music. His new path became a dream of bringing the sounds of the past into the present with an unbridled, unapologetically joyful creative style.

After working with producers David Manna and Dave Longo (Samantha Jade, Kate Miller-Heidke, Ella Hooper) on other music projects, Sexxxy Beast has produced a potentially massive hit, an interpretation of a physical work-out that aims for the dancefloor and the gym floor.

With its merging of techno-pop with dance, as well as a few nods to house music, particularly with some of the essential key riffs throughout the track, Just Do Your Magic does a great job of balancing commercial appeal, quirkiness, novelty value and straight-up dance, threading all these aspects together in a bright, effervescent sound that’s as infectious as it is engaging. 

But the real strength of this track lies in the simplicity and repetition of the hooks, and, of course, the tongue in cheek lyric. With lines like:

Just do your lifts and suck your abs
Just do your splits and twerk that ass
Just do your boulders and then your traps

…it’s easy to understand how Just Do Your Magic could attract a demographically broad group of music fans.

The production is fittingly clean and dynamic, with the choice of instrumentation just the kind one expects from a hit that sounds as good on radio as it does in a club. Sexxxy Beast’s vocal performance is also notably appropriate and persuasive, somewhere between convivial and brash.

Shimmering with an array of sonic swathes of light and colour, unrepentant energy, and facetious attitude, Just Do Your Magic is primed to do its magic—right up the charts. 

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