SHOTGUN MISTRESS blasts out another blistering blend of indie contemporary hard rock with BLEED ME OUT

Review by Vince Leigh / Photo by Oli Sansom

Melbourne-based band Shotgun Mistress has just released their first track for 2021, Bleed Me Out, an indie contemporary hard rock track that reaffirms the band’s trademark style and will undoubtedly add to their list of hits. 

After a year of remarkable chart and radio play gains, Shotgun Mistress has strengthened its position at the vanguard of new Australian hard rock. Bleed Me Out is set to repeat the considerable impact of previous singles—Save Me From Myself (#1 iTunes Rock Charts), Glorious Machine (#1 iTunes Rock Charts) and Collide (#4 iTunes Rock Charts)—in anticipation of the forthcoming debut album. 

Upholding the remarkable tradition of the rock genre, Bleed Me Out yet again displays the band’s unique characteristics, an unassailable juggernaut with a seemingly limitless reserve of dynamism, songwriting flair, and exhilarating power. 

The visual imagery of the lyric corresponds with the driving rhythm section and the undeniable fire of the guitars—feats of incredible dexterity performed by the band’s world-renowned guitarist Matt Wilcock (who has been voted one of the top 100 metal guitarists of all time). 

An emblematic guitar riff kicks off proceedings, joined by the band and an accented accompaniment. The verse vocal is sung at a low register, one that emphasises the soon to be unleashed melodic punch of the chorus. 

Shotgun Mistress’ lyrics mostly deal with emotional upheavals and dynamic relationships. Bleed Me Out is not necessarily any different, yet this time the wordplay refers to addiction, as this line reveals:

Best dressed for a relapse, back in line
tick tock cause you’re running out of time

The production of Shotgun’s latest is as well-crafted as their previous tracks, with the distorted guitars placed firmly upfront without clouding the mix; a feat that’s quite difficult to achieve. 

Bleed Me Out confirms Shotgun Mistress’s flightpath—a soaring trajectory straight up to the next level to launch an unstoppable presence onto the global rock stage. 

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