[Win!] One of two double passes to Flickerfest 2021 – Friday, 16 April

Celebrating its 30th year, Flickerfest remains Australia’s leading Academy® Qualifying and BAFTA Recognised short film festival, presenting A-list selections from a record 2,700 entries!

Entertaining, inspiring and award-winning films from globally respected competitions abound, including Canberra talents Stephanie Jane Day, Alex Wu, Lillian Paterson, Benjamin Balte, Jaslyn Mairs, Johnny Milners, plus fun and timely The End The Beginning shot around Canberra, awarded 2021 Best Original Music score. 

Thanks to the good folk at Flickerfest, we have two double passes to the short film spectacular to give away.

For your chance to win, email allan@bmamag.com and tell him which feature length movie you would cut down to make a cracking short film.

WHAT: Flickerfest 2021 International Short Film Festival Tour Screening: Best of Australian Shorts programme
WHERE: Palace Electric Cinema
PRICE: $25/ $22con (inc arrival drink & snack)
WHEN: Friday, 16 April at 7pm
TICKETS & INFO: https://flickerfest.com.au/tour/canberra/
VIEW: http://www.flickerfest.com.au/news/flickerfest-2021-trailer/

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