Canberra 2060: Futures with a Capital F — Canberra Theatre Centre — Tuesday 1 to Saturday 5 September

Review by Michele E. Hawkins

The year is 2060, and the earth is in serious trouble from multiple threats.  If only there were a chance to wind back the clock to say, 2020, when it was still possible to avert disaster.

Canberra 2060: Futures with a Capital F invites attendees, both in person and on line, to participate in a game that explores how we might future-proof our world, and the consequences of our choices.

The game, created for Canberra audiences by Boho Interactive for the Where You Are Festival, is underpinned by research from a number of disciplines, including science, resilience thinking, and game theory. 

But don’t let notions that this game must be a serious or intellectual pursuit make you hesitate to join in; the game is lots of fun for everyone. One of the production’s most enjoyable aspects is that the game is only as competitive as those playing want it to be. In fact, participants can always choose co-operation with all to achieve common goals over protecting their own, much smaller, territories. The future is literally in the hands of the game players.

This production, so topical in this year of bushfires, drought, and COVID-19, provides a welcome opportunity to look, through multiple dimensions, at the threats we all face and to recognise the power we have, especially if we cooperate, to minimise them.

If you’d like a thought-provoking and fun evening out, then grab a ticket to Canberra 2060: Futures with a Capital F while you can.

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