Sultry, sexy, down-tempo soul, Laura Ingram’s ‘Valentine’s Day’ is a powerful reminder about self-worth

Canberra ex-pat, Laura Ingram, is back in Canberra this weekend (Saturday, 14 March) to launch her new single, Valentine’s Day (produced by the fantastically named Bob Knob of Hope Street Records).

This soulful tune tells the story of being rejected from a casual lover on a day when couples often come together to show their affection for one another. However, the song progresses onto being one of empowerment, with the lyrics, “I deserve, my piece of heaven. And if you can’t love me, I’ll find someone who will, on Valentine’s Day”.

What stands out most about this song is the emotion and sass in Laura’s voice. It’s one thing to be a good technical singer, but capturing pathos is not something that comes naturally to everyone. The long notes she sings really demonstrate this vocalist’s control and quality of tone but also the raw beauty and talent her voice has naturally.  

While this tune could just be seen as another song about heartbreak and young love, it becomes obvious throughout the tune that Ingram’s self-confidence overrules any need for external approval. Whether based on a true story or not, it’s a great anthem for anyone who’s been rejected, on Valentine’s Day or otherwise.

But it’s also a reminder to young women, in particular, to not let your self-worth be determined by someone else’s interests, values, or priorities. An especially good reminder less than a week after International Women’s Day.

The track itself is recorded beautifully. There are places, particularly midway through, where I feel Ingram’s voice get lost a little bit in the mix. The bassline, while essential to the groove of the song, could be turned down to allow for the vocals to ring out more clearly. The keys solo is a nice addition that contributes a dreamy, twinkly kind of texture and helps balance out the song’s light and dark shades.

Overall, the song is nicely produced and captures Ingram’s style well. If you like sultry, sexy, down-tempo soul music, you’re gunna love this track.

Be sure to get along to the Valentine’ Day Single Launch this Saturday night at Smith’s Alternative from 7-9pm. Tickets available from for $10/$15.

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