Alex the Astronaut’s ‘I Think You’re Great’ is the perfect antidote for a troubled, nervous world

[Minkowski Records]

Do you believe that light can be emitted by imploding bubbles when they are excited by sound? Sydney’s Alexandra Lynn, AKA Alex the Astronaut, does.

She even studied it while doing science and soccer at a New York uni.

Oh, also while making original music at the same time.

With two EPs launched in 2017, Lynn’s music demonstrated a slightly quirky but very down-to-earth approach, with lyrics that avoided the usual clichéd relationship themes. Her songs, filled with observations about everyday life, are closer to the style of Courtney Barnett in their straightforward, conversational approach. 

We all know of the threat that the trials of life present to mental health, and of the importance of asking people if they are OK. In I Think You’re Great Lynn takes it to the next step, offering non-judgmental, positive reinforcement to people’s damaged self-esteem.

The song retains the informal kitchen-table-chat-over-coffee style of her debut EP To Whom It May Concern. Grabbing attention with a determined drum beat and a simple yet catchy guitar intro, Lynn provides some simple comfort to those struggling against life’s tides.

Words pour out quickly as she always has a lot to say, and there is a homely touch, with Lynn singing along ‘do do de do do do’ in time with her guitar feature. 

So, if you are feeling down in these times of fire, smoke, storms, dust, politics, and viruses, have a little listen to Alex the Astronaut’s latest offering, because she thinks you are just great!

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