Three-piece punk outfit Cable Ties hit out with an angry, righteous go at people who cannot handle diversity with new track ‘Sandcastles’

Cable Ties are a three-piece punk outfit which laid its credentials down in 2016 with the appealing rhythms of the single Same For Me, followed by the a self-titled long player in 2017.

Then came the smashing, oh-so impressive song Cut Me Down. The Melbourne homed artists proudly claim strong links to the non-binary community. 

And now comes Sandcastles, the title of which calls up diverse possible images of childhood holidays, creative wonder, fantasy constructions, or the just plain destructive aim of smashing them to bits.

This track is all about the latter, with a condemnation of conservative sandcastle crushers who either do nothing or just criticise and refuse to understand. It is an angry, righteous go at people who cannot tolerate diversity. 

Taken from their forthcoming album Far Enough (due out in March), Sandcastles launches with strong, grungy guitars, and a solid rally (yes, it is Australian Open time) between guitar and bass.

The music is penetrated by the raucous singing of front woman Jenny McKenchie which grows increasingly rabid as the song progresses. The interplay between guitars is matched by a call and response in the vocals. Combined, they build a tower of energy and indignation.

It is all fire and fury until a softer break in the bridge, before the tsunami of ferocity rises irresistibly again to a feverish climax, before ending in a mix of feedback and reverberation.

The lyrics get a little samey through repetition; however, there is no denying the catchiness, and message, of this frenetic song.

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