TJ Patrick has further lifted his game with the joyous love song ‘Bluebird’

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter TJ Patrick contributed his blues guitar sound to albums by such hip-hop luminaries as Urthboy, Drapht, and the Hilltop Hoods. However, he found that urban music was not his true destiny. Spurred on by a tour of the US, his attention turned to folk, with the artist releasing three singles this year. 

Follow-up single Bluebird retains the country vibe of his love song Adelina (released mid-year), but is a much more upbeat, optimistic tale. Whereas the previous single was about love on the rocks, with Patrick mournfully wondering if the effort of continuing to pursue his love was worth the trouble and pain, now the love is so good that nothing else matters.

It is a love song where the unbridled happiness of the relationship eclipses everything, even the joys of nature. It does not matter if the sun stops shining, or the bluebird stops singing, or even if the stars blink out.

Bluebird is a more varied and adventurous package than Adelina too. The song kicks-off a cappella, with cheerful vocals accompanied only by handclaps. The snappy hand percussion runs right through the track, maintaining its sunny hue.

The relentlessly happy vibe is highlighted by Patrick’s bright acoustic guitar and the injection of clever little vocal hooks adds real appeal. Later, warm harmonica and subtle banjo promote the feeling, while sparsely applied keys and some diva-style backing vocals enriches the sound.  The track wraps up with a playful instrumental outro, with chugging harmonica.

Patrick has lifted his game with this joyful, catchy single.

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