[Spotlight] The Stand-in Lab – Experimental Live This Sat 13 July – Free Event

The Stand-in Lab by Louise Curham and Lynn Loo explores sharing, transferring and archiving live art.

Throughout the Lab, Stand-in artists generate and test instructions to allow Loo’s experimental live film, Autumn Fog, to live on beyond her original performance of the work.

On Saturday 13 July at 3pm, Wollongong environmental artist Lucas Ihlein will visit Canberra to perform Autumn Fog using the latest instructions. Visitors can experience Lucas’ 15 minute performance of Lynn’s film and hear about the efforts of Stand-in Lab participants to work out how to develop the instructions. These have evolved from a standard text document to a series of haiku and an audio track.

As well as hear Lucas and Louise talk about this process on the 13th, visitors can track the instructions’ evolution on the gallery walls and see video documentation of Lynn’s performance.

Also on the 13th, Lucas and Louise will talk about ‘ecologies’ more broadly – is keeping Autumn Fog alive anything like keeping the betong alive? Are there hints and tips for both sides of this equation?

The event is free but please register your interest at the link below. The film performance is child friendly, the discussion is likely to be a bit long for children.


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