[Column] Metallise June/July – Lord @ Metal Fiesta 14, Tank, Sumeru & Plenty More

Friday 21 June welcomes Lord to town for the launch of their new album Fallen Idols headlining the phonetically pleasing Metal Fiesta 14 fest at The Basement. Those who grabbed the United single earlier this year were treated to a digital preview of the album which covers the whole metal spectrum. From ballad territory on Counting Down The Hours to the death/thrash brutality of The Edge of the World, the album encompasses a lot of territory and of course the lads have the musical chops to ensure you have the most skilled sherpas to guide up the mountainous heights this album travails. BYO oxygen.

Of course they’re not doing it on their own; the Shananigans team know how to throw a fiesta and you can bet on crunching sets from Rise of Avernus, DepriVation, Claret Ash, Clarity of Chaos, Taliesin, Black Mountain – Black Metal, Hidden Intent, CHUD and Mattersphere. And don’t bother having dinner at home; hit up Chompy’s when you get there.

If the hangover subsides by the 23rd June, you are well advised to take a quick trip up the Hume to the excellent Crowbar venue on Parramata Rd in Leichhardt for the classic ’90s death metal stylings of Incantation. The New Jersey pioneers have been plying their trade for 30 years this year around rhythm guitarist and now vocalist John McEntee. I can’t remember a time they’ve been out before, so it’s overdue. The Sydney show also features Brazil brutality from Nervo Chaos, Inverloch, Laceration Mantra and Golgothen Remains. Absolutely crushing night out.

The shred will be in full effect on Tuesday 25th of June also at The Basement with Born of Osiris and Chelsea Grin on a dual headline Australian tour with Diamond Construct Hostel. As I mentioned last time, Lee McKinney is a monster player. Guitarists both budding and seasoned will have plenty to think about on a cold winter’s Tuesday in Belconnen.

Wednesday 26th June is a night for the old guard with three all-time NWOHBM bands coming over for one night of glory at The Basement. Most will know by now that health issues have kept Venom Inc from their 2nd visit in a year, but their scratching has opened up for a spot on the bill for the mighty Tank. The bill is now Girlschool, Raven and Tank and you can grab tickets at hardlinemedia.net and check if there are any of the limited VIP tickets left.

Looking forward to the freshly minted 30-year-old Jake Willoughby jumping up for his first Canberra show with Sydney band Sumeru on 5 July. The Embrace the Cold tour is at Transit Bar and features mostly locals Mental Cavity, all local Lucifungus and from parts unknown (to me) Facecutter. Sumeru’s newest album is Summon Destroyer and is well worth your time and study ahead of the show!

Mental Cavity gave me a spin of their forthcoming album. 12 tracks off the back of their self-titled release a couple of years back. Recorded on a small rural property near Bungendore, despite risking a supernatural serial killer taking them out one by one, thankfully this didn’t occur. All the bloodshed ended up on the recording equipment of storied Melbourne engineer/producer Mike Deslandes instead, and the final mixes are as thick as congealed blood.

Equally thick are the riffs of Lucifungus on the vinyl version of their debut album Akuna Kin which is out right now through the fine folks at Black Farm Records. There are three versions available for your listening and tactile pleasure, ranging from your nice garden variety Fungus in plain “test press” black through to mind altering coloured wax that looks like a tiger slug on gold tops… kinda. Great purchase for a great album.

Thy Art is Murder have a new album out 26 July entitled Human Target and their show at the Sydney Crowbar, and the Brisbane Crowbar AND the Corner Hotel in Melbourne are all sold out. So if you have a ticket, good on ya, and enjoy the mosh. The rest of you are gonna have to wait til the 26th for the album to drop. Interested to know why they have a new drummer…

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