[Film Review] Avengers: Infinity War


Review by Andrew Myers

This cinematic moment has been a decade in the making as the Avengers, both young, old and synthetic, battle their greatest foe yet – Thanos the Mad Titan. Who is Thanos, you ask? He is the flying purple world eater who wants to exterminate half of humanity for a self-righteous moral code. Like a Space Hitler.

The big, purple guy genocides his way through the galaxy, in search of the Infinity Stones that will grant him god-like powers, bringing all our favourite heroes together; Captain America, Iron-Man, Sider-Man, the Winter Soldier, Star-Lord, Black Widow, Dr Strange, etc. The emotional weight is heavy, and the stakes are high. Every character featured has their time to shine – some more than others, but that’s okay, we will have Marvel movies until you and I are both in the ground. The Avengers are scattered in different countries and even galaxies as they battle to save humanity.

For a movie that is 149 minutes long with such a vast cast no screen time is wasted and no chance to breathe: this is both good and bad. But it is delivered in an episodic manner so you keep thinking to yourself “What happens to X character, go back to them! Oh, no, show me more of this!” Infinity War has set the bar for future comic book adaptions, and even if you are a casual fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you will adore this.

4.5/5 stars

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